Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 714 Whether to Seize the Opportunity

Wendy felt that she was going to break down and felt she was tortured. She did not know if she should seize the opportunity.

If she was to seize this opportunity, Anna would have to be hid and raised by Jonny. But she made a promise to Anna that she would always be there for her.

The kid would hate her if she broke her promise now.

If she wanted to protect her kid, she had to give up Brian, which was equal to give up fortune

Wendy thought of Klara. It had many days she did not contact with Klara. Klara did not contact her and asked the money back.

Wendy held her mobile phone in her hand and hesitated for a while, but finally called Klara. The two men arranged a time and place to meet.

In the cold drink shop.

Klara and Wendy sat in front of the glass window, one beaming, the other depressed.

"Wendy, why are not know happy? Don’t you know Mr. Bennet broke up with Gloria? It's a good chance to take out two opponents at once without breaking a sweat. It looks like the god is on your side."

Klara could not wait to mention it.

These two days she was thinking about asking Wendy out, to ask her money back and was to promote Wendy to go after Brian, so Jonny completely belonged to her.

"I know, and that's what makes it so difficult. I had already decided to give up Brian, but now there is such a good opportunity. What do you think I should do?”

Wendy did not know how to do, so she wanted Klara's opinion, if Klara's words reached her heart, she would make a choice.

"What do you should do? Of course seize the chance. Wendy, you took so much time and effort to create opportunities, and now you have it, so you should not shrink."

"I understand. It must be hard for you to hold on without results for so long, and it's natural to want to give up. But you have to learn to keep pace with the times. The opportunity is in front of you, if you do not know how to change, this god-given opportunity may fall on Winnie."

"Do you want to see Winnie show off to you? Or have you been afraid of Winnie?"

Klara said. She was like helping Wendy, but it was for her own sake.

She did not want Wendy to be so tardy. As long as there was hope, she would not give up what she wanted and would strive for it.

"I hate Winnie so much, how can I let her show off in front of me? Without her, Brian and I would not be where we are now.”

Wendy was obviously bewitched by Klara's words. Wendy, who had no position, was inclined to Brian, and gradually forgot Anna.

"If you hate her, don't give her a chance. If you hate her, try to get even. Wendy, you can not wrong your heart. Never forgive anyone you hate."