Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 220 Persuasion is Useless

Brian was speechless again. He could not answer Megan. He did not know whether his next words would hurt her.

"Daddy, Mommy, you have not lived together for such a long time, Megan and I have not said anything, because Daddy's still ours anyway. But with that woman, it is different. We will get abandoned by Daddy. If Mommy has a boyfriend, no one will have me and sister."

Luke who had been silent for a long time finally spoke, but there was no expression on his face, just frowning.

Winnie felt distressed. She wanted Luke to cry like Megan, so that he could vent depression and dissatisfaction out.

Winnie took Luke's hand and let him come to her side.

Winnie said softly.

"Luke, I will never leave you. I will have you for the rest of her life. I will not have a boyfriend. I will always be there for you."

Winnie would not make him sad because of her private affairs.

"What about Daddy? Can Dad not get married for us?"

Megan looked up and looked at Brian with full expectation.


Brian did not know what to answer. Winnie rescued him.

"Megan, Luke, it is too selfish. Daddy has someone he likes, you should bless Daddy. Even if Daddy gets married, he will still love you and is still your Daddy."

"No, I just can't take it. I want Daddy and Mommy together."

Megan became emotional. She cried, broke free from the arms of Brian and ran to her room.

"I can't accept it either. Megan and I just want a complete family like other kids. Even if there is no money, no house, we can’t have no parents."

Luke's mood was more stable, and he had the same attitude with Megan.

Luke went to Megan after that, leaving only Brian and Winnie in the living room.

"I didn't expect that. They all seem to need time."

Winnie whispered, as her two children were sad, her spirits were low.

"It's my fault. Maybe it wouldn't have happened if they hadn't seen Wendy."

Brian blamed himself. The two children's requirement was not too much. It was the most basic protection, but he could not give it to them.

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He wanted to do something for the children. He wanted to say that he could postpone his marriage until the children accepted that

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letting two children accept it. Either one of these events was

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Winnie, all this would not have happened, and he would have

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an old woman passed by. His mind

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frowned. Was he wrong? How did she show up here? He must

Luke who was comforting Megan with tears,

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while, Winnie heard the sound of the door opening downstairs, her aunt

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what Daddy just said? You are my biological mother, and Megan is

Luke's question stunned Winnie.

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deep breath and decided to tell everything

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a few years ago, Winnie got tears in eyes. If she had

did you keep us

again, but when he heard that he was Winnie’s son, he felt at ease. He had a Mommy, too. He would

if I tell you, let alone you are young. I promise to tell you why when you

help Luke wipe his tears, and then continued

you don’t need to do anything. Just remember that you are my children. Mommy and Daddy love you even when we

blamed himself when you went upstairs, and he felt bad. He wanted to be with you, too. But the adult

sorry for not giving you a complete


buts. You're not allowed to

said a lot and wanted the two children to accept, but

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