Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 219 is not acceptable

Two children looked at the Wendy in surprise, especially when they found her holding their Daddy’s hand.

Megan and Luke looked at each other and then walked to Brian.

"Why are you holding my Daddy's hand? May I know who you are?"

Luke asked with a serious face, at this moment he did not want to be polite. But Megan was more direct. She did not say anything but directly took Brian's hand out of her hand, and then held his hand herself.

"I don't like it when you hold Daddy's hand."

Megan was blunt, she felt she was polite because she did not say she hated that.

Brian did not expect that and then he realized that the two children did not know the existence of Wendy.

"Luke, Megan, be polite."

Brian said in a deep voice, which was rebuke.

"We are polite. Daddy, who is this woman?"

Megan said, looking stubborn like Winnie.

"It's my girlfriend. You can call her Auntie Wendy."

Brian introduced Wendy. Wendy forced a smile.

"Hello, two little babies. I'm Auntie Wendy."

Wendy said hello to the two children, but she was embarrassed that the two children did not respond to her but continued to talk to Brian, as if she did not exist.

"Your girlfriend? Are you going to get married?"

Luke asked calmly. His serious face had shown that he was not satisfied.


Brian could not conceal it. The children would know it sooner or later. If he concealed, it is unfair for the children.

"What about Mommy, me and brother? You mean you will marry her and abandon us?"

Megan questioned in a stern voice, with tears in eyes.

She had never thought that there was a woman with her Daddy, whom she had not seen for so many days.


The children were sad and he wanted to comfort them, but at this time, Luke suddenly pulled Megan to go.

"Megan, let’s go back to the kindergarten and wait for our great-aunt to pick us up."

"Daddy, we don't like this woman. We don't want to see her."

pulled Megan and returned

walking, he comforted


children left, Brian did not chase them because he realized that the two children needed

Wendy, and Wendy had been nagging about

How did their Mommy teach them? They are not polite. I said hello to them, but they ignored me.

back and you


felt ok Wendy blamed the children were not polite, because it was their fault they left without saying anything. But he could not stand it when it came to

heart, Winnie was the most responsible and sincere Mommy, and the children she educated


speechless. After seeing two children, she saw through their nature and could not accept

their Mommy, which meant she could

into the house after work, the two children came to hug her and

sharply after

not expect that Brian took Wendy to see the children and that he did not care the children's

will talk


be with that

Daddy and did not

If Daddy stays with that woman, I'll never go to


just got recovered. If the incident affected

complicated as you think. There are things you'll understand when you get older. Megan, don't cry, brother doesn’t cry. You should learn how to be strong

whole family, so you have to learn to accept these things. Such things are

Winnie comforted Luke.

would be fine after crying, but

I just want a complete family. I

frowning. He

think. I will talk to Daddy sometime. Don't

not know how to comfort the two children. She would like to tell the children the fact, so that the children

returned to her room and called

to accept. My aunt said that the two children have been crying since they came back from school. How can I

asked directly

all his attention on

It is

more when

"I did, but..."

felt uncomfortable and wanted to blame him, but

there was no point in saying anything now. She could not turn back the clock by blaming

mind, it has

to the children about

tomorrow. Temporarily do not let the children


in Brian’s heart, but children were more important than anyone else or anything

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