Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 217 Not like a Family

When Vanessa came back from the evening class, her aunt and two children fell asleep, only the light in Winnie’s room was still on.

Vanessa opened Winnie's door and then gently closed it.

"Sister, are you still working?”

Vanessa asked softly.

"Yes, have you had your supper?"

Winnie turned around and asked Vanessa.

"Yes, I had with my classmates."

"Sister, does Leo like you? If you can’t be with Brian, why don’t you…"

"I can’t be with Leo either. Aunt talked with me about that today, so you don't have to say that. I won’t be with Brian and I won’t be with Leo. He hurt me once. How would I be with him?"

"Don’t mention it any more. I'll never find a boyfriend again in my life."

Winnie did not want to talk about men. She had been hurt by men and did not get hurt again.

"Sister, but you'll be alone. The children will grow up and leave you. What will you do then?"

Although Winnie had said that, Vanessa persuaded her, it was for the sake of her sister.

"I will live alone. I am not the only lonely person in the world. It's getting late and you have to go to school tomorrow. Go to sleep."

Winnie said with impatience. She did not want to worry about it. She believed that no matter who left, she could face the reality.

After Vanessa left, Winnie sighed a long sigh.

Though her troubles were much less after Penny was put in prison, her heart was never at peace. Now she had finally decided to forget Brian, but everyone came to remind her...

It made her heart more uneasy.

Now she saw the truth and just wanted to put all her energy on the child, only hoped that Brian could be happy and that Leo could find his true love as soon as possible.

She had been ready for being a lone for a lifetime. She had been so before she met Brian.

Felix took Brian's hukou back. In order to avoid Wendy to bother him, he really went to the nursing home to stay for a period of time.

But he did not take Rufus with him.

This time he wanted Wendy to think if she would be good or arrogant in front of him.

Stella came to suburb to see her father and called Brian to bring Wendy over. Brian had to do so.

without Winnie, he had no

first greeted, however Stella and Rufus disliked

to chat

register for

Grandpa's too sensitive. Wendy is such a straight shooter that

explained, but his grandfather

years of parting, you need to get

her brother well, but she did

just I am

an excuse, in fact, he missed Winnie. Everywhere had the breath of Winnie, which made

Group by yourself. If you are too

loved her brother. If he was tired physically, he could take a

wedding is not needed. When grandpa is not

own marriage. Now he was really in no mood to prepare for

"Brian, you..."

really want to marry Wendy, but before that, the two siblings' conversation was interrupted

why bother your sister with our wedding?

be dissatisfied with Brian's contempt for the wedding. In her opinion, Brian should push off all the things and put all the attention on the wedding, after all, there was only one wedding

grandpa to return my

of reunion after a

lucky that she did not say the words out, looking at Brian’s frowning eyebrows and Wendy unpleasant

that Brian was not very interested in getting married. Otherwise, even if Grandpa


the living room with a


asked directly. Rufus

like her. I don't know why, but I don't

feels like there's something missing. I

tea in the hand in front

Winnie. She has a rich family and a nice figure, but the clothes do not make her high-end. She does not

Stella continued.

came back, she was not fond of Winnie, but

happened for example, Wendy interrupt her conversation with Brian impolitely, if it were Winnie,

you always compare Wendy with

asked and did not understand why

see that Brian has feelings for Winnie? They are two women he likes, so

is all conjecture, and I can't say anything until he tells me. I don't like Wendy, I just don't

heart of Brian had been divided into two parts. And it was difficult for him

know why Brian loves her and has waited for

not understand the heart of Brian, but she saw that Brian was not as

I think he wants to see how long his grandfather could control him and whether he could

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