Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 215 The marriage is postponed

Wendy greeted Felix with a smile, but it was a smile she forced herself to make because she had no affection for him.

If it hadn't been for his despotism, if it hadn't been for his contempt for her, there wouldn't have been so many twists between her and Brian, and the two children wouldn't have been there.

"Glad to have you back. Let’s eat, I have been waiting for a while."

Felix lukewarmly said.

He had met countless people all his life and he could see through everyone, so he could see that Wendy's smile was not from her heart.

But even if her smile was from the heart, Felix felt that it was not as nice as Winnie's.

Although he could accept Wendy, he did not like her.

At this point he could only sign that nothing was perfect. Winnie was likable, but Wendy was not. Wendy's family background was ok, but Winnie had nothing.

If they complemented each other, if Winnie had a strong family background, he must ask Brian to marry Winnie. That would be perfect.

Wendy was embarrassed. She took a look at Brian and then followed him to the table.

"Eat, it will be cold soon."

Felix said monotonously.

After Wendy took two bites, Felix once again said.

"The Yup Group a rising star in the business world. It seems your father has a good head for business that it raised quickly in such a difficult environment. But it's a long way from the Bennet Group."

Felix’s meaning was obvious. He wanted to tell Wendy he accepted her reluctantly. If the Yup Group had not succeeded, he would not have allowed her to marry Brian.

"Well, with Brian in the Bennet Group, let alone the Yup Group, no one can surpass it."

Wendy complimentarily said and she understood Felix's meaning.

However, she felt uncomfortable about that, but she did not dare to refute.

"Wendy, you are back to marry Brian. But you must arrange Luke. If you marry Brian, you are Luke's mother, you should treat Luke as your own child."

Felix spoke as if he were giving orders, not in a deliberative tone.

He had to arrange everything for Luke, because he was old and could not tell which day he would die. Rufus was not young and did not have too much energy on the child.

Only Wendy and Brian could accompany the child for a long time, but among the two people, Wendy was the key figure.

"Don't worry, Grandpa. Brian said that Luke will stay with his father and we will visit him on the weekend. Grandpa, about Luke, I think he has his ideas. If I stay with him, we will have contradictions, so it will be good that we live separately."


Wendy wanted to continue to find reasons for herself. She thought that Brian had communicated with Felix, so she said fearlessly, but Felix unexpectedly interrupted her words.

want to live with


she had said the

your assistant to bring your hukou to me tomorrow. And don't get ready for your wedding. I'm going to convalesce

Wendy. How dare she refuse to raise Luke? It seemed


spoke and wanted to explain for Wendy, knowing that his grandfather was angry, but Felix

convalesce this time. Send Luke to Winnie till us come back. Tell Winwin that I trust her to take care of Luke.

and make her know the existence of Winnie, make her have a sense of crisis. Let's see if she


to create a sense of

not hungry, you can go

Brian up and he did not speak

She did not expect that Felix was so old, but he was still domineering. But she could not annoy him yet,

She remembered it and one day she would want to see that

Albert was driving. Brian and Wendy were sitting in

language. Grandpa gets provoked

Brian said sullenly.

the wedding was

give the children naturally to Winnie. It was an

told Grandpa. I

Brian. I'll be careful

regretted, but it was of no use. She could only think of

way, Albert, send my hukou to grandpa

suddenly thought of the hukou and

I will send it there when I get

happy. He understood that it was difficult for them to get married without hukou and Winnie

it, how can we

was surprised that Brian was

he won't let us be together even if we get married. You try to please grandpa in these days, so that we can have the hukou back after

wedding on

car stopped in front of Wendy's house, but Wendy was not

to go home.

Wendy said shyly.

given to Penny, and

Brian rejected Wendy's proposal.

place to stay, and I'll go wherever you

that, Wendy wanted to

to work late tonight.

now he was not interested in any


was surprised by Brian's reaction and did not

past, he worked hard and had been many times busier than he was now. At that time, Brian never refused her, but he refused her after years of

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