Brian had been perturbed this day, but he was secretly happy.

Since he left in the morning, he had turned on his cell phone's location function. He knew where his car went from the hilltop villa.

He didn't have time to check his phone during the morning meeting. Only now, back at the office, did he have time to check his phone's location.

Oddly, his car was driving downtown from the police station.

Police station? Why did Winnie go to the police station? To see who? Penny?

Brian followed Winnie's route with doubts, until he was sure that she was driving in the direction of the building of Bennet Group. He then felt relieved.

Brian opened the drawer and took out his one-of-a-kind gift, then put it in his pants pocket.

Looking at Winnie bit by bit got close to the Bennet Group, Brian got more and more excited.

Seeing that Winnie's car was about to arrive at the parking lot, Brian arranged himself and took the exclusive elevator to the first floor.

Winnie parked her car, straightened herself up in front of a mirror, opened the door and got out.

Winnie walked toward the door of the Bennet Group and saw Brian walking toward her. He was still handsome, tall and cold.

But there was tenderness in his cold eyes. And the radian in his mouth meant something.

As Winnie walking slowly to him, a clear and pleasant voice was heard.


At the same time, Brian heard the voice. He followed the voice and his face stiffened when he saw the voice's owner.


The woman again intimately called him and ran to him.

At this time, Winnie watched a sexy and enchanting woman running into the arms of Brian. She hugged Brian tightly and they seemed to be very close.

Winnie stopped and looked at the unfolding love drama.


Brian's words reached Winnie's ears and she realized that the woman was Wendy.

At the moment of hearing the name of Wendy, Winnie heard the sound of her heartbreak.

She finally knew why Brian asked her to come here. He wanted her to see with her own eyes how much love they had, so that Winnie could give up. He wanted to tell her he loved Wendy, not her.

It seemed that she had said something she shouldn't have said last night when she got drunk. It seemed that what she said brought burden to Brian and made him have a crisis. Now he wanted her to see this, so that she would not disturb his life.

Well, since it was so obvious, there was no reason she could refuse.

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wanted to go to Brian's office to give him a surprise, but she saw Brian as

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was still serious, but he was not happy, especially when he thought of Winnie’s sad eyes. His heart bled as

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following you wherever you go, and staying by your side for the rest

came to Brian. She wanted to hold his hand, but Brian avoided it. Was it repulsive

wedding preparations. Everything is... Never mind, you must be tired. I'll send you home. We'll talk about

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