Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 207 Wait till I Come Back

Winnie continued to work overtime and because it was too late, she did not come to pick up her children in the suburbs. Not until the next day after work, she got some time.

She drove to the suburbs alone, but there was a visitor.

She found it out when the car got into the yard and it was too late to avoid. As she got off, the two children ran over.



Winnie knew what was going on when she heard that Luke called her auntie. The visitor in the pavilion should be Brian's uncle.

Originally, she planned to have dinner here before returning with her children, but now it seemed that she could not stay here. If she said anything wrong and brought trouble to Brian, she would become a sinner.

"Have you been good here?”

Winnie greeted the children with a smile.


Megan answered and then she took Winnie's hand and made her squat down.

"Mummy, Daddy said there's a visitor here. He's Daddy's uncle."

Megan conveyed Brian's words in a low voice.

Winnie took a look at Megan and understood what Brian meant.

It seemed that Brian was still worried that she would say something wrong.

"I see."

At this time, Rufus came over. Stella and Brian saw her, but they continued to chat.

Winnie was embarrassed by that.

"Winwin, you come at the right time. Have dinner here before you leave."

Rufus said enthusiastically.

"No, Sir, I am here to pick up the kids. I still have work to do. I'll be late for work if I have dinner here."

Winnie made an excuse because it was not her place.

"You need to have food and it is weekend, you should have a rest. Both children are hungry. Eat before you go."

Rufus insisted to ask Winnie to stay.

"My aunt has got dinner ready. We can have dinner at home."

Winnie bowed her head and asked the two children for advice.

"Do you want to go back with me, or wait for your father to see you off after dinner?"

"I... Mommy, I want to go back."

Megan whispered. There was a stranger here, and the stranger seemed not to like her, so she did not want to stay.

"Then I'll go back too."

Luke felt it was not fun to stay alone.

"Well, I'll take you home."

Winnie, who knew her children best, felt her child's awkwardness in front of strangers.


As Winnie was about to say goodbye to Rufus, Jack walked quickly over and interrupted Winnie.

“Hello, Beauty, nice to meet you again."

Jack greeted her politely.


replied gently, forcing a smile

have predestined relationship, but the way of knowing each other is special. I am Brian's younger brother, my name is Jack Bennet. May

information and did not want to miss the chance

name is

introduced herself politely

has a very nice name. Where do

ask, and Brian came

wash your hands

tone was calm, he wrinkled eyebrows. Winnie

home. I'm coming home with Mommy

Megan said to Brian.

I'm going

Luke also said.


earlier. He hated the image of


work that I won't have dinner with you. And I am not going to say hello to the visitor, please

Winnie said.

Rufus was really want to stay her, also knew that only Rufus cared about her. But because of Brian, she

"Drive carefully."

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Luke, get

an apologetic smile and left with the

you come at the wrong time. You don’t give

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was obviously with

the difference? She just has a kid. It

said arrogantly,

your energy into your work

turned to leave,

returned to Stella, looking

"Why did Winwin leave?"

Stella asked.

"She needs to work."

answered simply, but

doesn't Luke

came over and asked, actually, he wanted to know

lives there, and the kindergarten

Seeing that Jack had bad intention, Brian

good for our children to live in

Thomas asked.

over there. It's a waste of time to pick him up, so I let him stay with

didn't shy away from the subject, because they would

back, ask Wendy to take Luke.

to Brian as an

communicate with Wendy

just fell, Wendy's phone call came

the phone toward the door and picked up the phone


Brian said coldly.

"Brian, I..."

but stopped, as

“What's the matter?”

Asked Brian.

I don't know


"Say what you like."

was impatient

sorry, Brian, but I

the words

“What do you mean?”

that something

for my return approached, I found that I was getting more and more nervous and wanted to escape. Brian, I have been thinking about it all day, and at last I understand

and wanted to see what would

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