Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 205 How about I Marry You

Winnie limped into the company. With complex emotions, Brian looked at Winnie gradually went far away.

Looking at her lonely figure, he felt distressed like the black clouds in the sky.

However, Winnie’s last words hurt him. He loved her but he could not stay with her, he could not give her dignity. Was that still love?

If it was not love, why did he care about everything about her, why did it hurt so much to forget her?

Brian knew what he had just said was not an impulse. He didn't want to lose Winnie, and he didn't want to see her living such a hard life.

But he ignored Winnie's feelings and her self-esteem. Brian's words hurt her again.

In the next days while Daenerys rested at noon, she called Kevin to help Winnie pick a car.

"Winwin said it is for five family members, and the price had better not exceed 200 thousand."

In a large car store, Daenerys said to Kevin.

"All car brands are sold in this store. It's Brian's store. Why does she have to pay for one? Brian can give it to her."

Kevin responded to Daenerys.

"Mr. Bennet’s store?"

Daenerys asked Kevin in surprise.

"Yes, but don't tell anyone, it's his store, not the Bennet Group’s, so he can give Winwin a car even if it costs millions."

Kevin did not take Daenerys as an outsider, so he told her Brian's private property.

"It is of no use. Mr. Bennet's global limited edition luxury car is sitting in Winwin's underground parking lot. Winwin doesn't use it. She would rather take the subway or bus than drive his car at that late hour."

"Now Winnie wants to keep distance from Mr. Bennet. She does not use the limited edition luxury car, do you think she will accept that?"

Daenerys knew well of Winnie that she could not accept Brian's car.

"Winwin is stubborn. As long as it was her business, as long as she tells Brian, Brian will help. He will help her for the sake of the children, besides, Brian loves Winwin."

Actually, Kevin felt that Winnie was very poor. As a woman, being too strong was poor performance. Actually, a woman's heart was not so strong as their surface. They were strong because of unknown difficulties.

Winnie was a typical example. She turned a gentle and soft woman into a strong woman.

"You mean Mr. Bennet loves Winwin? Did he tell you himself?"

Asked Daenerys doubtfully.

"He didn't, but I can see that."

Kevin said.

"Why can’t I see that? I thought he told you. Anything that doesn't come out of his mouth is speculation."

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