Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 204 Does He Love Her

Brian could not help the stubborn Winnie. Her bumpy footsteps were like stepping on his heart. He felt distressed that her feet hurt.

Brian quickly caught up with Winnie and picked her up without giving her a chance to refuse. And then he turned around and strode to the car.

"Brian, I told you mind your own business. You can't do this to me."

Winnie was helpless. She knew that her struggle was a waste of physical energy, so she could only let him hold her.

"Cut the crap."

Brian said angrily.

From the moment he picked up Winnie, his heart was more painful, like a bee stung it. She had lost a lot of weight in just a few days, and at this rate, she was going to die.

Brian took Winnie to the car, stepped on the accelerator and went straight to the hospital.

After arriving at the hospital, Winnie's feet were swollen. The doctor checked the bones, applied some medicine and took some oral medicine, and the two men left the hospital.

Brian put Winnie into the car again. As he put down Winnie, he heard the rumbled voice of Winnie's stomach.

"You have no dinner yet?"

"I will have when I am home."

Winnie said with some embarrassment. Actually, she had been hungry, but she had been suffering. But now her stomach rumbled.

Brian said nothing. He put Winnie in the back seat and drove away.

Instead of taking Winnie home, he found a restaurant.

Brian, regardless of Winnie's opposition, walked into the restaurant holding Winnie. Fortunately, they booked a private room, otherwise, Winnie would be treated as a weirdo.

The food was delivered soon, otherwise Winnie would faint.

Winnie did not refuse but eat directly, because she was too hungry, otherwise she would have stomachache.

"I was about to seek you these days. Have your meal and listen to me."

Brian sat aside and found a topic that did not affect Winnie's appetite.

"I want to transfer some of my property to Luke and Megan's names before I get married. Hospitals, insurance companies, supermarket chains, car stores, hotels, shopping malls..."

"You don’t have to do that. I want them to fight for it."

Winnie interrupted Brian. She didn’t know how much Brian's personal wealth was, but she didn't want her children to covet it.

"That's what your intention. I made so much money, should I throw it away if I don't give it to them? You have no say in this matter."

Brian rejected Winnie's remarks.

"The kids are still young, and I can’t transfer to them, so I have to transfer to you."

will think I

Winnie refused outright.

automatically transfer the property to

had guessed that Winnie would say so,

make me difficult to me. Find someone else for help, you father or your sister.

property. How can I tell them? It is not for you,

He admired Winnie that she

said nothing, thinking

should be notarized at the notary

and then continued

got up and pushed a chair to Winnie's side. Then

could not be hung for a

down. Winnie was moved but she did not know what

expect that Brian was so considerate and remembered what the

moment, Winnie wanted to cry. She wanted to hug Brian and cry, but

"Thank you!”

me. Just be good to yourself. You can

wanted was not her gratitude. He

pick you up every day. You can drive my car when your feet are all right.

had eaten almost enough, Brian talked about the topic again. He knew that Winnie would refuse and quarrel with him,

told Daenerys to

As expected, Winnie refused.

around me for so long. This car will be your compensation for sleeping with

when he was angry with Winnie, his brain would not

put down her chopsticks

was willing to sleep with you, not to sell my

we can't meet any more, or our relationship will not end. And I will I become an obstacle between you and Wendy, I don't want to live so

see me, even if I died on that road, leave me

I see you, I cannot move the line of sight away, I cannot move

excited and said loudly. He felt distressed and had been enduring it. He also wanted to forget Winnie and moved on, but he just couldn't do

he meant. He would

for her? Why couldn’t

Was he in love with her?

fall in love with her who had no money and status? Would he fall in

in her heart, but she did not dare to give

was happy to hear those

"I'm full."

was ready to get up. At this moment, angry Brian walked to her and picked her

were in the car, but they did not say a word. Brian started the car and was ready

It's almost

spoke in a low

need to rest, I will get

wanted to go to the company. She was really

clothes and freshen

rather get an hour's sleep in the company than waste all my time on

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