From his look, Jack would know Kennedy was his Daddy.

“How do you know?” Kennedy suddenly thought of a very important thing, after the staff left, he pulled Alice to the sofa and asked with a serious face, “Did you tell him about me?”

Alice only told him she would find him a daddy, but she did not know how to answer Kennedy’s question

She didn't know.

Seeing that, Kennedy gave a sulk face.

“Did you not mention it at all?”


“Do I really carry so little weight in your heart?

“Kennedy, I...”

“Not even worth mentioning?”

Alice, “Can I talk?”

He sat there with a livid face, staring at Alice sharply. Alice did not know how to explain to him.

“What do you want to say? Go ahead.”

“I told Jack I would find him a Daddy, but...”

“But you didn't think it was me, did you?”

“No!” Alice interrupted him, “Don't be so bad-tempered. I'm with you, and you're still so mean to me?”

Hearing that, Kennedy calmed down.

Yeah, she was with him. Why would he yell at her? Whether she said it or not, Jack would be his son, or he would be called daddy.

At this thought, Kennedy pursed his thin lip and then said.