Her Freezing Heart

Chapter 1: Prologue

Only two days till graduation and I will be free to explore the world without ‘my parents’ nagging on my ass. They can’t really stop me from going to college. They care too much about their reputation to stop me. Anyways mom and dad are my guardians so they can always give me permission for college as I am only seventeen. Yup! I started calling Uncle Dale and Aunt Claire, dad and mom. Well I figured, why try to hold on to things and people who give zero shits about me. Now, Robert and Emma Cross are out of my life. Just one more year and they will be out of the legal documents as well.

I have been waiting for this day for forever. I want to study literature. I had applied to some state colleges and I got accepted in a few. But I am going to University of California, Berkley. The only problem, its way far away from here that I don’t think I will be able to visit Asher, Alec and others for the first year at least. The budget is really tight. I managed to save as much as I can for college but it’s never enough, is it. Dad is chipping in but I don’t want to put any strain on him. I mean Alec will be going to college next year. They will need money then. But dad being dad just won’t listen. I am moving to California in June, two months before the term starts. Why? Well I have to find a job to pay the rent. In short I have to sort everything out so I won’t be a bother to dad.

go that far or for the part, anywhere. He is not going to college as he has to be with the pack. He started working at a garage as soon as he graduated last year. His parents, well they weren’t happy either. They were going on about breaking pack rules. But hey! A girl’s got her dreams to fulfill.

coming with me. He is going to the same university. He wants to study Computer Science. Carter was pretty cool about Aaron going to college. He is perfect for Aaron. He is very supportive. I wish Asher would have been a little bit

him either as it is on 13th November. Well we have to make some sacrifices to achieve our goals in life. Aaron will be there with me though. I won’t be entirely alone. I hope Asher

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