Heart Hunting

Chapter 138 If I get disabled, the rest of my life will count on you

"Kenny, say something!"


She slipped her mind for a moment, and he fell into a coma again. She gave a little start and shook him nervously, "Kenny, wake up, wake up!"

"Didn't you say you are going to have sex with me?"

"If you didn’t wake up, how could you even do me?" slowly she got frightened. She was afraid that he would be like her mother, fall asleep and wouldn’t get back up. She said weakly, "I beg you, don’t fall asleep and wake up, please?"

Kenny's breath was very weak, she kept checking if he was still breathing. She was so afraid that in the next moment, he would not be breathing.

In the end, she couldn't help weeping. She cried silently without making any voice. If you were there, and saw her crying, you would think that how could anyone even cry so beautifully.

For hours, Poppy just looked at him like that blankly and hugged him, but her heart fell into desolation. Was anyone who treated her well destined to die?

Was it true that she was really as they say that she was a bane to everyone since she was born?

She murmured to herself, "Kenny, you are not allowed to die, you can't fulfil their words."

Who else would risk their lives to save her and cherish her so much and be so nice to her?

The answer was no...

Fortunately, Kenny’s body was strong, even in a harsh environment like this, he still made it through and slowly his fever dropped too.

"Kenny, Kenny..."

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"I have always been in good health. It was just a transitional period just now.

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" Well, if things get tough, we could live in the mountains

cavemen? I saw you had a lot of potential to be a mountain demon king." Poppy bit the fruit. Although the wild fruits were a bit astringent, they tasted crispy and sweet.

the mountain demon king, what are you, mountain demon queen?" Kenny took a sip of water

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I was wounded for saving you. If I get disabled, the rest of my life will count on

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grumpily, yet he hugged her, softly whispered in her ear, "In the future, you have me."

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