Heart Hunting

Chapter 136 You encountered a bear, not a ghost

Its sharp claws scratched him wildly, and the flesh was scratched. The black claws pierced straight into his skin and dug violently, the pain of it was making Kenny's face twisted.

Poppy saw her chance, jumped down from the tree, and directly stabbed the grizzly bear on the back with a sergeant knife. The grizzly bear didn't expect a sneak attack from the rear, letting go of Kenny and struggling.

Poppy grabbed it desperately not to let go, and forcefully cut open its back seven or eight centimeters.

The grizzly bear couldn't bear the pain, made a wail noise, and its whole body was bitterly twisted. Poppy, who was riding on it, was thrown directly by it, hitting the rock, and then rolled down onto the ground.

The grizzly bear turned around, looked at Poppy with much hatred, and dashed over to her angrily.

At this critical moment, bang, bang, bang, a few gunshots cut through the sky, and Kenny hit the grizzly bear in the head. The massive animal was finally killed and uprightly fell down right in front of Poppy.

Dust next to it rose up, blood streamed out from its dead body like a spring, the air completely smelled of intensive blood.

Poppy came back to her senses, ran to Kenny immediately.

It could be seen that his coat had been torn with several holes, bleeding out. Poppy ran to get the backpack. She was keen of eye and swift of movement, dug out the iodophor from the backpack at once and used it to sterilize the wound of Kenny.

He had old injuries and yet kept re-injuring in other parts of his body. His whole body was covered with various wounds. Fighting with the grizzly bear, he got most seriously injured on his back, next was on shoulders and arms. He also got multiple scratch wounds on his body.

The wounds were so deep that she could see the bones, and the scene of bloody pulp was the last thing she wanted to see.

Poppy hurriedly sterilized his wounds, put hemostatic medicine on them, and then directly tore off a large piece of her white shirt and tore it into strips to bandage his wounds.

Seeing him all sweaty and the pale face, Poppy was angry and anxious, and blamed him very angrily, "Are you a fool?"

To fight with a bear one-on-one, thinking of himself as a warrior or a soldier. Thank god that he had a gun. Otherwise, the one who was dead now wouldn’t be the bear, but him.

Recalling the scene where the bear's claw dug into his flesh, she was profoundly scared.

She barely managed to stop the bleeding on his back, but such a crude bandage would definitely not work.

She took out the anti-inflammatories from her backpack and let him take them immediately.

Looking at the few of the medical supplies left, her heart fell to the bottom again.

okay?" Poppy looked

looked terrible, gave his head a little shake and

if you die like this, I’m really going to despise you for the rest

little further off, and stood up as best as he could, "We'd better get going. The carcass

few steps he breathed heavily. “Are you ever going to

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off her backpack from her back and then carried it on her chest. She then leaned down, and patted her shoulder,

trying very hard to keep walking and yet refused her suggestion firmly.

did not give him a chance

down your stubborn pride first. I will count to three. If you want to live, just come up on, otherwise, you die here

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the weak and thin figure of her as if she could be blown

on me!" With the words, Poppy took a deep breath, put him on her back, and slowly moved

about an hour, the fog in the forest disappeared a lot with the sun rising, and the road ahead could

back, didn’t dawdle either. He kept watch on the surrounding environments, and

over there... It looks like there is a cave." Said Kenny. He leaned on her back so he could see higher and farther.

in a place more than ten

steps and walked over there. When they arrived at the entrance of the cave, she put Kenny down first, and went in the cave alone to check the

tossed the pistol to her, "Take

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and her face lighted up. "There is nothing in there, we should be able to take a break in

clean up the weeds

it to me. We just need to make a small passage for us to get in and

annoyance and a desire to laugh. His voice was a little hoarse, "I still

you. Your face was as pale as paper. You are nearly a second degree

speaking, she started to clean

so she made short work to cut off some of the weeds and left a narrow walking path with a sergeant knife. Poppy packed up stuff and put them inside, then walked out to help Kenny in. She wasn’t used to saying nice things, so she just said indifferently, "Be careful, don't fall on your

walked in, "I'm so injured, can’t

flat, put stones on each of the four corners of the flatted plastic bag, and then let him lie down and pillowed on the backpack that had been

still, I’m going to gather more firewood." Said Poppy. After cleaning up the surrounding area, she picked up the water bottle

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