Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 6 I will always have the opportunity to bully her

The old Hayden knew what kind of attitude his grandson had and expected him to accept Aimee on his own, which was impossible.

The only thing that can be done now is to let Aimee go to Patrick more often to brush up the presence, contact more, so that Patrick can find Aimee good, maybe, he will be able to rekindle the enthusiasm for life, and thus actively cooperate with treatment.

It is also possible that he, an old man who was covered with half yellow earth, will still be able to see his great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Just thinking about it, the old Hayden can't hide its excitement.

Aimee looked at the old Hayden eyes shrewd and clear, very confused, where she knew that the old Hayden had already thought of her and Patrick's son and daughter's names.

Even, there is the thought of seeing them start a family.

Aimee said, "Grandpa, I'll go back and put my stuff away and go see Master Patrick right away."

"Good, good, grandpa is here for you and will go with you." the old Hayden retrieved his thoughts and said happily.

Aimee quickly went back to her room, hid her things, and took out the clothes and shoes used as a cover and put them on the bed, then hurried over.

The old Hayden led Aimee towards Patrick's room and couldn't help but say to Aimee, "Aimee, Pat has been sick for a long time and he is not in a good mood. "

"Don't worry, Grandpa, I won't." Aimee said.

Living in the Reed family until now, she has long developed a light-hearted nature, and nothing will make her feel emotional.

Moreover, as a doctor, she understands the psychology of patients, so she will not bother with Patrick.

Hearing Aimee say this, the old Hayden put his mind at ease.

He said, "Aimee , you are a good boy, grandpa likes you very much and thanks you, grandpa will do a good job with Pat's mind and make him treat you well."

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