Have I Told You Lately

Chapter76: I Wanted to See You

It was a little bit late and they had ordered some dishes for dinner in the nearby restaurant.

“Mom, I will go on a business trip tomorrow and you have to take good care of yourself when you are alone at home these days.” When eating, Rachel looked at Theresa.

“Will you go on a business trip?” Theresa changed her expression, raised her head and said without thinking. “You can refuse it or I will accompany you on this business trip.”

Her daughter was definitely more important than work. She would be frightened to death if her daughter went on a business trip when pregnant.

Rachel was speechless.

“I can’t refuse it.”

Theresa continued to eat and put a piece of meat for Monica. She calmly said, “You can buy a ticket for me when we go back.”

Rachel hopelessly held her head and said, “I am going to work instead of travelling. Why do you want to go with me?”

“I don’t want to go with you too. If you are not pregnant, I will join a tour group for relaxing.”


Rachel really wanted to roll her eyes. Her mother dared not travel by herself and maybe she wouldn’t even dare to leave the City N.

Rachel knew that she was worried about her and explained, “I’m not alone and there are two assistants will go with me. Just a few days and I promise I will call you and tell you everything.”

Theresa frowned and firmly said, “No, these two assistants don’t know you are pregnant. If they haven’t taken good care of you, I will be very worried about you.”

Rachel pulled out her hair and put down the chopsticks helplessly. She took a sip of water and said, “How will others think if I go on a business trip with my mother? And how should I explain to them?”

Theresa’s lips curled and said, “It’s too easy. You can tell them that I want to have a trip in City J so I come with you together. I will not stay with you all the time.”


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