Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 57 Western Restaurant

Children were easily to be cheated, especially cheated by their mothers. Children were the most easily to believe what the adult said. No matter whether their mothers were telling the truth or not, as long as their moms told them, it was true.

Sometimes, what a mother said was a white lie. She didn't want the child's heart to be hurt. Mothers loved their children the most in the world.

Murphy was not stupid. When he heard what Nora said to little Hugh, he knew that Nora was lying to him. She was a woman with story.

He found that Nora was a pitiful and helpless woman. He became more and more appreciative her, as if he was obsessed with her. He wanted to enter her inner world.

She was like a wounded hedgehog, and no one was allowed to get close to her. Any man who approached her would be seriously injured.

No one knew how sentimental she was when she took off her armor and pretended to be a strong woman.

He tried his best to get close to her, protect her and give her a warm harbor, but every time he tried, she would refuse him and tried to force him to keep her away for thousands of miles away.

Murphy racked his brains to come up with many ways, but in the end, he couldn't achieve it successfully.

She didn't know how long could she pretend to be strong, she really felt exhausted no matter her body or her heart.

She also wanted to find a strong arm to rely on. When she was sad, someone comforted her beside, handed her a piece of tissue, and when she was sick, someone could pour herself a glass of water.

Even so, the cruelty of reality did not allow her to do so.

However, she didn't know that it was not only her who was upset, but also Murphy.

Little Hugh was playing happily with the little monkeys, and Murphy also took many pictures of him and the little monkeys. He wanted to develop these into pictures and send them to him for collecting.

little tired, Murphy held him and said,

walked behind him and looked at him holding little Hugh. They looked like

the zoo, little Hugh would ask him a lot of questions wherever he went. Sometimes, he couldn't answer the questions at all, so he could only lie to

one hundred thousand

appreciated Hugh for his love and patience, but

Hugh raised his voice several times and shouted, "Mommy, look at the panda. I saw it on

his arms, Murphy walked quickly to the panda. The panda was eating bamboos, and the food was delicious. Little

at her for help. Nora understood and said to little Hugh, "Panda is different from

see." said little Hugh.

thought in mind, 'There is a machine in its

don't know the answer. Of course I'll make up the random one. When I get home,

daze. He looked so cute when he was in a daze. There was another panda. It was fat and twisted its waist, sitting next to the

Hugh said, "Mommy, look, little panda is

what little Hugh said, both

of children was so simple.

while walking. Little Hugh seemed to think of something

innocent words of him made Murphy burst into laughter.

lowered her head shyly


happily, "Okay, okay, let's go to

which there were many children.


herself, 'I promised to invite him before. But he brings us to such a luxurious restaurant. I haven't come here for once because I'm not rich and the consumption is

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