Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 56 Accompany To See The Monkeys

Once bitten by a snake, he would be afraid of the well rope for ten years. Now, Hal was focused on his work and ignored women. No matter how his parent forced him, he would not go on a blind date.

Whether the team could work or not totally depended on the leader. In this quarter, the performance of Hal's board of directors was the best, surpassing the record high of all the years. The subordinates were very happy to receive benefits during festivals.

Looking at Hal's efforts, Howard and his wife also felt sorry for him. It was also a mistake for them to interfere in their son's marriage, but it had always been like this for the children's marriage in the group. But now it was their son's turn to be like this. Slowly, their son was like an enemy to them.

Hal was a filial child. He didn't want to see his parents unhappy, but he was afraid to go back home. They asked him to go on a blind date, so he simply took the busy work as an excuse and rarely went home.

Nora was also very busy these days and hadn't spent days with little Hugh. On Sunday, she promised to take little Hugh to the zoo to see the little monkeys.

"If there's nothing important this Sunday. I want to ask for a day off to accompany little Hugh to the zoo. He wants to see the little monkeys."

"It doesn't matter. Let's go together. How about I drive you and little Hugh to the zoo to see the little monkeys? Anyway, I have nothing to do."

Last time when she went back to her hometown, she asked Murphy to send her back. She felt sorry for him. This time, she didn't want to bother him to go to the zoo, so she took little Hugh to the zoo by bus or taxi.

Noticing her concern, he said, "If you feel sorry, you can invite me to dinner after going to the zoo on Sunday to thank me."

'When did he learn how to guess what am I thinking? It's not easy for him. I've been in Beijing for a long time. Except for going to work and sending children, I haven't gone to any places to play. I really don't know where the zoo is.'

What's more, she took Hugh by bus and waited for a taxi. What if he fell asleep and couldn't wait for the taxi? What if he caught a cold? After thinking for a long time, she agreed with him to go to the zoo with them and invite him to have dinner.

be a

out with Nora. He was so excited that he couldn't fall asleep. He woke up several

After washing himself carefully, he looked

and he was in a good

his beloved car all the way to the home of

Hugh saw Murphy coming, he happily ran

very happy and didn't feel depressed at all. And little Hugh also liked him very much and didn't feel

her who were talking so happily, she thought, 'What a tragedy! There are too many

for little Hugh, she took his hand

in a short time. As soon as they got off the car, little Hugh mumbled, "I want to see the little monkeys. I want to see the

one and line up. If you

quiet after hearing what he said. There were giraffes, peacocks, camels and many other small animals

and walked north for a while. They saw the

for little Hugh. He asked him

kept it in mind. She didn't expect that Murphy would think of it first. He bought banana and peanuts to feed the little monkeys, which proved that

little monkeys, many little monkeys were surrounded by a big iron railing. Murphy handed a banana to little Hugh and

monkeys, he was so happy that he danced happily like a little monkey in the iron fence.

were several little monkeys jumping up and down in the room. They were very cute.

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