Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 55 Wake Up

If a person feel depressed all the time and no one stopped him in time, then he would embark on the road of degeneration, and the consequences would be unimaginable. If there was someone who could wake him up, his future would be better.

Hal was woken up by Grace's scolding.

Hal came to his senses. He had once lived in his own world, using his own thoughts to force other people's thoughts to obey him, making them difficult and hurting himself.

Was there other feeling between men and women except for love? What Nora said was right. In her heart, Hal was just a brother.

He would wake up eventually.

No matter how sad and desperate he was now, it was useless, because everyone had a place in other people's hearts. Nora regarded him as her brother in her heart.

There was no love, but there were other feelings. Hal told himself to cheer up and try to be the best and perfect himself.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, Hal and Grace showed up on time. They had made an appointment with a client. In running business, the most important thing was to be honest, punctual and keep their promises. Hal's behavior had won the praise of the client.

This time, because of her bold criticism, Hal was freed from the pain quickly. It was because of her accurate guidance that Hal quickly woke up and recognized his position.

Hal needed to thank Grace, so when he met this important client this time, he asked Grace to accompany him. He wanted to practice Grace's public relation ability.

Sitting next to Hal, she looked neither humble nor pushy, as if she was a capable businesswoman in the workplace. Listening to the negotiation between them, she kept silent and kept in mind all the requirements and suggestions the client had made to the company.

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to consider things at the same time and received a lot of praise from the customers. Then, she changed the

surprise. At last, the client signed his name obediently after hearing what Grace said.

her and the client gave her thumbs up.

found that she was a business genius. If she was trained, she would certainly make a great achievement in the

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of the board wanted to transfer her to their side. As soon as the news came out,

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a matter of time to win her admiration. They had

should start from the grassroots level. She couldn't be too

worked in the company during the day, accompanied by his colleagues, supported by his subordinates, and was busy with his work. He felt that he had a full life, and he was most afraid of the coming of

live is no better than to die; one kind of missing was called a short distance away; one kind of love was called let

on a lonely and lone night. It was incomprehensible for a person

for your health. Excessive dependence on alcohol would erode your body,

drunk. It was a simple and just right state. As long as a person who liked

tavern, a man curled his body who was drinking. He drank one after another until

Nora last time, Hal, who knew the truth, was totally two different people

colleagues or friends. He was alone. He was afraid that others will uncover his scars. That

home, he would lie on the bed alone after midnight to persuade himself. His wounds in heart healed bit by bit, and then

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