Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 53 A Sudden Change

Hal's heart was full of anger. Because of his disdain for the entertainment industry, he felt unfair. He always believed that if Nora chose to be with Murphy, it would prove that he was not as good as an actor.

If the seed of hatred took root and sprouted in his heart, it would spread very fast. Hal was afraid that one day he would lose his reason and do something outrageous.

If there was love in your heart, you would feel warm and be active; if there was hatred in your heart, you would feel cold and be evil.

Although Hal were sitting in the office, his heart had already flown out. He wanted to find out what was going on with Nora and confirm whether what Grace said was true or not.

After all the employees left, Hal got in the car and rushed out in a hurry.

He learned from Grace that Nora could come back to Beijing this morning. Grace told him about the time she arrived.

Grace knew that it was impossible for Nora to fall in love with Hal, because Murphy had already taken root and sprouted in her heart.

She wanted to tell Hal to give up her as soon as possible. She didn't want Hal to waste time and love on a person who didn't like him. It would be painful.

But she couldn't tell Hal the truth directly. No matter how rich and sincere he was, it would hurt Hal's self-esteem and made him lose face.

She hoped that Hal could understand her efforts.

She hoped that Hal could give up loving Nora and stop being entangled with her all the time. That would be a fruitless thing. As a man, the real man was the one who could take it up and put it down.

Hal's heart was full of resentment. He clenched the steering wheel, stepped on the accelerator, glared ahead, and ran all the way straight to the downstairs of Daniel's Agency.

Murphy was too sleepy to open his eyes.

go to work by myself. You'd better go home to catch up on sleep. Don't go to the

I see. That's what I think too. I'm too sleepy. I have to go home and have

at all because she had been sitting there for a long time. Her waist was sore and her legs

back home and sorted out the things she brought back from her hometown. Later, she brought some specialities to her colleagues in the film crew. After a simple wash, she

Hal standing beside the car and looking back and forth as if he was looking for something.

and said, "What are

saw it was Nora. He looked at her face fiercely and said, "Why didn't you tell me that you were going back to your hometown? Wouldn't I

was the first time that Nora had seen he was so angry. She looked at him and said, "It's too hasty to make a decision. I only have three days off.

her, "I've liked you for so long. Can't you feel it? Why did you do such a thing to

"What did I do? I just went back to my hometown to visit my family,

about it at all, his heart was completely cold. He had devoted

good man and you really love me. But we

am I! That's all right for

don't know the truth. In fact, you don't know me at all. I always treat you

it clear today, I will tell you what happened to me. I have a son who is three years old,

looked at her in astonishment and said, "That's impossible. How is that

If you don't believe me, you can go back to

that it might be the truth that Nora wouldn't tell lie to

that, she turned around and went upstairs decisively, leaving Hal

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