Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 51 Back To Her Hometown

Murphy and Nora walked into the hall of the service area together. There were already many people resting inside. With the hungry groan in her stomach, Nora was pulled directly into the fast food restaurant of the service area by Murphy.

The service area on the highway was simple and convenient. Unlike high-end hotels, the food here was only simple fast food boxes and cooked food.

They found a table and sat down. Each of them ordered a box of rice, two chicken drumsticks, some fruits and two bottles of water.

Looking at Murphy, Nora thought, 'Can he eat the food here? He's a neat freak. It's really difficult for him to eat in public.'

Perhaps it was because Murphy was hungry that he wolfed down the food. Seeing this, Nora only wanted to laugh, but she still held back her laughter.

Noticing that Nora was looking at him, he asked with a smile, "Why don't you eat? Why are you looking at me? Aren't you hungry if you look at me?" After saying that, he couldn't help laughing.

Nora looked at Murphy and said, "You are a neat freak. I'm afraid you won't be able to eat it."

Murphy said, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Besides, even if I am a neat freak, I have to eat when I am hungry. I can't starve to death for the sake of cleanliness."

Hearing what he said, Nora almost spat out her food.

After having a simple meal, Nora and Murphy were about to go to the lounge and take a nap. They would continue to set off after they recovered.

The two sat side by side on the chairs, feeling sleepy. Nora yawned one after another and kept yawning. She was really too sleepy.

Murphy pointed at his shoulder and said, "Sleep here. I'll lend you my shoulder."

Every day, she felt tired, and the pressure from all aspects made her weak shoulders unable to bear.

scene was so familiar to Murphy, so was the woman in front of

had such a familiar feeling, he just couldn't remember. When he tried hard to recall,

was a familiar smell on

quieted down. People had already fallen asleep, and occasionally there would be

know how long it has passed. She heard footsteps coming back and forth. Some people has already begun

Nora looked at Murphy. In order to make her sleep well, he had never moved in this posture. It was really

of his arms

said Nora, looking

massaged his arm. When she touched his arm, she still felt that his muscles were still so strong, but he didn't remember these.

Murphy felt very happy. The woman he liked was giving him a massage. What

go on driving the woman he liked back

After Murphy asked his beloved woman to give him a massage, he was in

the company of Nora, he felt that time passed so fast

getting off the expressway, she could arrive at the home she has been missing day and night. She could see

slowly from the

a three-tier city. There was no noise of a big city or

little shabby, but her grandmother has lived here

mom followed grandma's advice and lived in this community all the

so in the early morning, her mother held her grandmother's arm and waited at the gate of the community, while her father was preparing food

from a distance. She pointed at the outside happily and said, "Here we are. That's

the direction that Nora pointed, Murphy saw a kind old woman supported

three-tier city. You can park your car in your own neighborhood casually," said Nora, letting him pull over by the roadside. Then she

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