Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 50 The High-speed Intersection

The reason why Murphy took a step back from the high place was not because he was depraved, but because he wanted to accumulate strength by jumping up. Without the courage to bind himself in a cocoon, he wouldn't have the beauty to spread his wings and fly.

Over the years, in order to improve his performance, Murphy has suffered a lot that ordinary people couldn't bear.

For so many sleepless nights, he never found a substitute for the shooting. In order to shoot the scenes in summer, he wore a short shirt for shooting, leaving a pain in his joints. His legs and feet seemed to be weather forecast. As long as he felt pain, the weather was 100% bad on the second day.

What's more, people only saw the glorious appearance of Murphy, but they didn't know that he was injured everywhere in order to shoot an action movie.

When he was still a nobody, he was looked down upon and sneered by others. All these deeply hurt his heart.

From then on, he swore that if he didn't make some achievements for the career he loved, he would be sorry for the expectations of people who loved him.

Now his acting career was in a rising stage. He had a lot of fans who were loyal to him, and also received the attention of the big director and editor. If there were any good movies and television plays, they would cooperate with him at the first time.

Now his career was flourishing, but his love path was not smooth at all. He liked Nora, but he was rejected again and again.

However, they worked together and met each other every day. It was really tiring and torturous for him to say nothing about his love.

When Nora was browsing through the mails sent by the fans, her cell phone rang all of a sudden, which almost made her throw the mails away. There were only Murphy and her in the office, but they didn't talk to each other. So the office was so quiet.

While Nora was answering the phone and reading the mails, a man's voice came from the other end of the phone, "Are you free tonight? My mother wants to see you."

With her mouth open in surprise, Nora said, "See me? Why does your mother want to see me? Why do you introduce me to your mother?"

a little

conversation, Murphy guessed that it was a call from Hal. His head was buzzing. He didn't want to see this happen, and he couldn't stand

went to see Hal's parents, he would have no

if he heard that Nora agreed to

was not a war between two men, but a matter between the three of them. Now

knew clearly about his family background.

how attentive Hal was to her, Nora always stick to her own principles. 'I don't

him to invite Nora to

heard that Nora refused

past few days, Ryan has accompanied Laquisha to shoot several advertising advertisements. They hasn't come back to

company for the time being, so the crew

been in Beijing for so many days and wanted to go back to her hometown to visit her parents and grandmother. She hasn't seen them

didn't take little Hugh back, because she was afraid that it would delay the child's study. Moreover, the trip was a little far, she just went back to have a look. Fatigued by a long journey, she was afraid that little Hugh couldn't bear it.

would let little Hugh stay for a few days, and she would go back to her hometown

handed the note to the crew and the crew approved it for three

train ticket from the Internet and go back to her hometown by train in the evening. She had only been permitted to take three days off, so she went back by train that

to her, "I'll drive you back to your hometown

"No, it's

"Don't refuse. I also want to take this opportunity to give

couldn't change his mind. No matter before or now, no matter whether he had a normal

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