Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 49 Family Feast

Happiness is something you fight for on your own. Nothing is gained without doing anything, and there is no return if you don't pay, especially love.

The things that were too easy to get were easier to lose. On the contrary, the things that were obtained through their own efforts, sacrifices, and struggle would be cherished, because they knew that it was not easy to gain these things.

Hal knew that he used to be a jerk. He used to take love as a play, which hurt many girls' hearts, and let himself bear a lot of emotional debts. He was deeply condemned in his heart.

But all these had been in the past. Since he met Nora, he decided to turn over a new leaf and be a new person, breaking up with the cynical self.

As a result, Nora made Hal found the value and happiness of being a human being. During this period of time, his achievements for the group were obvious to all, because he was talented and would not be buried.

Love was just like this. Once you fell in love with someone, you couldn't extricate yourself from it.

There was nothing important in the group these days, and Hal's promise to have dinner with his mother would be fulfilled today.

At home, Susie ordered the servants to prepare many dishes that Hal liked. She decided to cook some good dishes for her son in the kitchen later.

In the evening, the lights in the Wang Family were all on. The family was busy inside and outside. What a busy scene.

The sound of thunder came from the kitchen. It was Susie who was busy cooking in the kitchen and the maid put the dishes on the table.

Occasionally, Howard would go to the kitchen to help Susie. But soon he was driven out and sat on the sofa reading newspaper bored.

The food made by Susie and the dishes cooked by her were all said by the child, "There is mother's smell in it." Every time she heard this, Susie felt so happy.

has loved her for half a life, and a pair of sensible children. Although Hal sometimes made her

felt that she had no regrets

of food wafted in the room, and everyone in the family

quickly ran out to open the door, greeting Hal, who hasn't

for him at the table.

and did not dare to say anything. She was afraid that she would say something wrong

for her cleverness. She was the apple of Howard's eye and the cotton padded jacket of

Although Howard had retired, he had a deep feeling for the Sea Rise Group he founded by himself. He wanted to know as soon as possible what has happened in the group.

Let him have a good rest and have a holiday," said Susie to Howard.

Hal said naughtily, "Mom, you

to Hal, "You are mother's own child. I was picked

two with a smile and said,

saying that, the whole family laughed. What a happy

Susie asked tentatively, "I heard that you

his mother and said, "No,

you like that girl, bring her here when you have time and let us

to pinch his face and felt very painful. It turned out that it was true,

abler than recruits. He promised his mother to bring his girlfriend back when she had time and let his

you think about it? It was a big family enterprise. How could you decide your marriage? Besides, Nora was from a

has never promised Hal anything. This was completely Hal's

didn't want to make Hal sad. Because of her indecision, Hal misunderstood that she refused him because she was shy.

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