Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 48 Worldly Shackles

Recently, Nora's right eyelid had been twitching frequently. Some colleagues joked, "She's going to make a fortune and be rich." Some of the colleagues said, "Your left eye jumped means you will earn more money, and your right eye jumped means you will encounter bad luck."

Murphy told her, "You just didn't have a good rest which made you bilious. I think you should be lit."

Nora stared him and said, "You know how to treat an illness? Don't talk nonsense if you don't understand. Don't worry."

How could a well-educated girl like her believe superstition? Any abnormal sign on her body was related to health. She knew she should be lit

SHe was busy with her work in the daytime and took care of little Hugh in the evening. Her schedule was full, maybe because he was too busy to drink water during this period of time, which caused her fever.

If there was a problem with her physical function, she had to find a solution. Every day, she would drink several glasses of water. The doctor once said, "Water is the best medicine"

He secretly went to the pharmacy to get some medicine for her and put it on her table. She was very grateful to him. In a strange city, someone who was cared about her silently.

Although they couldn't be together, they could get along with each other day and night, which was also the God's compensation for themselves.

The chief examiner of the Sea Rise Group called Grace and said, "Congratulations on your admission. You can go to the human resources department at eight o'clock tomorrow."

Grace was so excited that she couldn't say a word. She was really admitted by the Se Rise Group. While she was happy, she didn't forget her good friend, Nora. She wanted to tell her the good news as soon as possible.

"I know you're the best," said Nora cheerfully.

'What a great position it is! Now it belongs to me!' she thought. This was what she had been dreaming of for a long time.

in a

It was the first day that he had to leave a good impression on

the company to check in. After a series of complicated signatures and seals, she finally completed her job list. She could just take it

really make her confused because she couldn't find where she office was. She finally found a room and checked the number on the job

the mirror and looked at her hair. Everything was fine. Then she knocked on the door and heard a

coincidence in the world. The man sitting at the desk in front of her was

chief examiner agreed to recruit a perfect

embarrassed, "I don't know you

"They said that your discerning ability is very strong, beyond their imagination. It

a beautiful woman came in. She was as beautiful

my assistant. Please lead her to get familiar with the working environment and tell her about her

Hal's secretary, secretary

said, "Okay, Mr. Hal. I see.

and everything were new

the relationship between Grace and Nora. He left her with him for some personal reasons, so that he could know

Howard were anxiously waiting for Hal to come back for lunch. They had agreed last night that they would not see him until noon.

said angrily, "If he doesn't go home now, maybe he goes to

had another woman they didn't know. This time, Hal did a very good

wanted to get something from their daughter, but every time they mentioned

happiness to be ruined

on her birthday. She felt that Nora was really good, but

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