Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 47 Interview

Nora was so excited that she was well prepared and ready to go.

Today, she had specially asked for a day's leave to accompany Grace to apply for a senior assistant in the Sea Rise Group. Only in this way could she be Grace's good friend and good friend.

Grace in the bedroom looked at herself in the mirror again and again. She always felt that something was missing. Yes, it was courage and confidence. She needed to cheer herself up.

Nora has called out the name of Grace several times in the hall, but she hasn't come out yet. Waiting for her anxiously, Nora continued to urge her.

Wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes, Grace walked out. It seemed that she has been well prepared. Looking at her, Nora said, "Let's go."

The two of them hailed a taxi and went straight to the Sea Rise Group.

It was a magnificent company. Several buildings were surrounded by the walls, and behind the buildings was the Sea Rise Group. It was so big and Grace was a little excited. If only she could really work here.

After entering the Sea Rise Group with Nora, Grace inquired about the upstairs for the interview. There were many people in and out of the company, all busy with their own work.

In the hall on the five floor, there were many applicants, with their resumes in their hands, anxiously waiting for the examiners to call their names.

Nora had to call Hal and tell him that she has come here for an interview with her friend.

When the phone was connected, Nora said to Hal, "We have arrived at your company."

On the other side of the phone, Hal said in a low voice, "I'm in a meeting. I'll call you later."

In Nora's mind, the senior executives of the group were not allowed to answer the phone in a meeting. She should really thank Hal for answering her phone.

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just let it be.

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"I've just finished my work. I didn't entertain you well just now. Tell

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