Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 46 Watch A Movie

Time flies. It had been more than half a year since Nora arrived in Beijing. The bitterness and bitterness in it were slowly digested by herself.

The handsome and indifferent Murphy leaned against the sofa. The warm sunshine shone on his angular face, high cheekbones, bright eyes, and what a perfect sculpture.

Ryan came to his office, took a look at Nora, and went straight to the side of Murphy, "There is a new movie being broadcast tonight. My friend has given me a few movie tickets. Let's go to see it after work."

He put down the two tickets and left.

It has been a long time since Nora went to the cinema to watch a movie. Three years ago, when she was in college, if she didn't like that teacher, she would snatched his lesson and skipped classes to watch a movie.

She remembered that once when she was taking a classical Chinese class, the dull teacher on the platform gave her a boring explanation. Some of the students had fallen asleep and were still drooling.

Sitting in the back row, Murphy wrote a note and asked her classmates to pass it to her. Fortunately, she was sitting on the side of the classroom at that time and the teacher didn't notice it.

While listening to the teacher's explanation, Nora received a small note written by Murphy. She sneaked to the back of the classroom and sneaked out from the back door.

Murphy had been waiting for her outside the classroom.

The couple in love, hand in hand, went to the garage to skip classes and watch a movie.

Sitting on the back of the bike, Nora wrapped her arms around Murphy's waist and hummed a song. What a happy memory.

If time could go back, she hoped that the moment would be still forever.

Nora would rather smile on the bike than cry in the BMW. She chose Murphy with no regrets. She has already been used to having Murphy by her side every day.

Murphy stood up from the sofa lazily and walked to Nora. "Take the movie ticket and go to

and she even messed up

daze, he felt very cute. He couldn't help reaching out his hand to

the woman's face in front of him. How could he have this feeling,

Nora's heart trembled slightly. Did

by their brain. A habit of action was existing subconsciously, and it was very terrible.

so she knew what he did just now showed he wanted to pinch

his head and sat on the sofa again

Murphy, Nora really wanted to tell him the truth, but she refrained herself

on fate. Entrust everything to time.

time went by, Nora's heart gradually relaxed. She sorted out all the documents, put

with writing documents, and she didn't have time to dry clean and ironed Murphy's clothes. She came to the logistics department, took out his clothes and found

neatly put into the wardrobe of

In the car, Murphy was waiting for

were going to watching a premiere film. It was said that this movie was directed by a famous director and the scriptwriter was famous in the circle. Many

time, Murphy came to the cinema with Nora, Ryan followed Laquisha, and several colleagues of the company. They talked and laughed

Murphy and Nora sat in the front row of Ryan and others, Nora thought, 'Is it because Ryan deliberately arranged

two buckets of popcorn, handed one to Laquisha, and left a bucket for Nora. Laquisha took

her and nodded, without

lights in the cinema were turned off, and

sat quietly next to Murphy, with a bucket of popcorn

plot of the movie played, Nora was sometimes quiet, sometimes angry, and occasionally muttered. When Murphy listened carefully, he found that it was a curse. He felt that

happy scene, Nora couldn't help laughing. Occasionally, she put a popcorn in her mouth and chewed it slowly.

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