Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 45 Kind-Hearted

As the night fell, the sky was dotted with stars, and occasionally a meteor fell. It was said that if anyone happened to see it at this time, his wish would be definitely fulfilled.

After dinner, Grace suggested to take little Hugh to the square outside the community for a walk. They hadn't gone out for a long time.

Little Hugh jumped happily. In Beijing, there were hundreds of thousands of tall buildings. Some neighbors living beside them were not familiar with each other, and few people came to visit them.

So when she mentioned that they were going to go downstairs for a walk, he was very happy.

Holding little Hugh's hand, Grace went downstairs. Nora quickly cleaned up the rubbish in the house and threw it away.

The square was very lively. Some people were selling goods, some were singing, and the most eye-catching ones were the old ladies in the square, who were really good at dancing.

Following the rhythm of the music, little Hugh's buttocks twisted, which was very cute.

The three of them found a stone bench and sat down.

"How are you looking for a job these days? Is everything going well?" asked Nora.

"College students are everywhere in Beijing now. There are more people who lose their jobs than those who find jobs. It's not easy for me as well."

Nora persuaded, "Take your time. Don't be in a hurry to find a job. Haste makes waste."

Grace looked up at the sky and sighed, "Everything is predestined. Finding a job is the same as falling in love. I must feel satisfied with the job I like. When the fate comes, a good job will naturally come."

She admired Grace very much. She was decisive and decisive in everything, including her work and her feelings.

majored in art, especially with

would wait for her to have dinner under the girls' dormitory. He would put all the delicious food and nutritious food into her plate,

by her side all

Grace didn't like him to keep his long hair. He cut it and didn't like him to go through holes. He changed a lot for her. That boy had

love. They clung to each other every day. They

only marry each other. Since they loved each other so deeply, they would love each

perhaps it was because they loved each other too much, two years later,

The reason why the two of them were together was to be happy. Now that they were unhappy, so

without hesitation. If they broke up, they couldn't be lovers but could be friends, which was what

found a girl of the same department. Maybe she had the same hobbies, or perhaps she had a

did she regret the breakup, because she had grown a lot, learned a lot and

finding a job was the same as finding a lover. It also

dispersed. It was time for little Hugh to go to bed. They decided to go

to go back to sleep,"

was playing with sand on the sand dune not far away. He was very happy as if he had found the new continent. He didn't want to go back, so he pouted and said, "Let's play a

now. You have to take a shower and go to bed. You have

that he couldn't change his mother's mind,

teeth, Nora coaxed little Hugh to sleep. It was exactly nine o'clock. Because little Hugh was tired,

phone vibrated. She was afraid that the call would wake up little Hugh at night, so she muted her mobile

"I called you so late. Are you asleep? Did

to go to bed, my phone rang. What's

I'll call you and listen to

always treated you as my brother. I've said that I don't care about

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