Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 43 It's Too Late To Meet

It was said that three women were enough for a drama, and that was right. Not to mention four women and they were all beautiful ladies.

Nora rubbed her temples and had a headache. She remembered what happened last night. Looking at the three women sleeping next to her, she smiled.

Yesterday was the birthday of Grace. In order to celebrate it with her, Nora specially went to the school and let little Hugh stay at school for one night.

She didn't want Hugh spend the life in metropolis too early, which didn't match his age.

"Cecilia, my friend's birthday is coming. Let's go to have a party after work," said Nora when she saw her.

The innocent and lovely Cecilia smiled and said, "Is it appropriate for me to go to your friend's birthday party?"

"We are all good friends. Why not? More people can have more fun."

Cecilia was also a lively girl who liked talking and laughing. She was very lively and not so scheming. In the company, she was the best friend of Nora.

Maybe it was because they were all Beijing drifters, so they felt close to each other in their hearts. Those who wandered outside all felt lonely and needed someone to rely on, so Cecilia was particularly congenial to Nora and naturally became good friends.

Hal once gave a pair of diamond earrings to Nora, which were very expensive. When he returned them to Hal, he refused. After a while, Nora didn't bother to return the earrings to him.

Since she was not a woman who liked to dress up, she gave this pair of earrings to Grace, which also realized the value of this pair of earrings.

Grace was so happy that the earrings would cost more than a year's salary of Nora. Seeing the happy expression on her face, Nora didn't say anything.

Money was important to Nora, but she had to work hard to get it. Such a luxury thing that others gave her directly didn't belong to her no matter how valuable it was.

What didn't belong to her couldn't be returned to its original owner. It was better to give it to someone else to realize its value than to let it stay with her.

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from all directions be best friends. Their lives were long and they didn't need to make more friends.

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