Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 42 Acting Skill

The wind of autumn blew, leaves fell on the ground, and the weather was a little cold.

Autumn gave people a sense of desolation and beauty.

With a light blue sweater on, Nora felt much warmer. It was so cold in autumn, so she guessed that there would have troublesome things happened in this season.

They had agreed to go to the party together, but Nora waited for a long time in the company and didn't see Murphy.

Some colleagues had already set out, and people gradually left the company one after another.

Nora was waiting anxiously.

A familiar figure slowly approached her. Nora recognized that it was Murphy. She was very familiar with him.

"It's almost time to get off work. Why did you go out? Do you forget we are going to the party?"

With a smile, he took out a box and a knitted silk scarf from it. He tied the silk scarf to her neck, which made her more beautiful.

Nora was shocked by the sudden move of him and blushed all of the sudden.

It turned out that Murphy didn't dress her up when he saw her. He remembered that he had taken a look at the knitted silk scarf the day before yesterday when he went shopping with his friend.

He wanted to buy it for her friend at that time, but he was afraid that his friend would make fun of him, so he didn't buy it.

It happened that he had the chance today, so he ran out to buy it in a hurry.

Seeing such a thoughtful man, it seemed that he had returned to three years ago.

This was the real Murphy.

Seeing the shy look on her face, Murphy really liked her. The woman in front of him was so beautiful, natural, graceful, just right and impeccable.


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set up at night, and the songs were melodious, as if it was in the daytime. Automobiles speed in an endless stream along the road, and the night life in Beijing city had just begun.

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poured a cup of tea for her. She didn't want to drink wine.

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