Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 40 Overflowing Love

It was cloudy and it seemed to rain soon.

The rain in June seemed like the child's face. It changed so fast that the pedestrians on the street sped up.

Sitting on the sofa, Murphy looked at the sky outside through the window.

Cicadas on the branches cried out.

A heavy rain was about to come.

The weather was bad, and he was also in a bad mood, as if a big stone was pressed on his chest, making him breathless and unable to speak.

He didn't go to the company. He had been busy for a long time, so he had a rest at home today.

Nora's attitude towards him tortured him to the point of breaking down.

No matter what he did, he still couldn't get a response from her. He was a little desperate. Was he really going to give up her?

Thinking of this, he felt painful in his head again, as if he was pressing the nerve line. The pain from his brain made him really unbearable.

He restrained himself from thinking about her, so that his head wouldn't be so pain as before.

However, her every move and smile appeared in his mind all the time, unable to erase at all.

When on earth would Nora end up to torture him? When could she give him a reply? It would be better for her to give him a deadline.

Sometimes, in his dreams, he would dream of Nora. When he woke up, he knew it was a dream, but he really didn't want to wake up. How wonderful it would be to live in a dream!

But he had to face the reality.

A lightning flashed, and a muffled thunder broke the silence situation. It pulled Murphy back to reality from a distant thought.

After a while, it began to rain cats and dogs. Some passengers on the road who without rain equipment got wet in the rain.

but he refused because of his busy work. He was under great pressure at work and was not happy with his feelings, so he decided to go out

lazily and opened the

It had nowhere to hide in the heavy rain

dog's fur and feather was golden. It looked fluffy and very

forth when he entered the

germaphobe man would take a

understand why his heart had been overflowing with love since he had a crush

when the rain stopped. Now it

you have a master? Don't you

dog lay obediently at the foot of the

seemed that Murphy

June came and stopped

came out and rainbows hung in the sky. It

which made people feel relaxed and happy. Looking at the dog, Murphy was much happier.

puppy. It didn't rain anymore and could go

piece of bread and threw it to the dog. The dog leaped nimbly and received it. It was really interesting.

guessed that the dog should be full, so he didn't throw the bread to amuse it and tried to let the dog

to leave. Did it want to

find a long and thin bamboo stick and gently beat the dog's body. He knocked,

was kicked out

and turned on the TV. After a long time, he felt a little hungry and went to the

corner of his eye, he found that the dog was

the dog was so pitiful and homeless. If he didn't take it in, he would really

human's best

again, and the dog came in at once, lying obediently in a corner of the

nature very well. As soon as it arrived at the master's house, it did not dare to move, fearing that it would make the master angry and be

thought he was good at acting, but he needed to be taken care of in life. If he adopted a dog, who

Should he adopt

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