Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 38 Come Back

Laquisha was still so sexy. Her slightly upturned buttocks, slender arms and long legs outlined her perfect figure.

She was wearing a fiery red cheongsam, which made her more extraordinarily dazzling in the whole airport. With a suitcase in one hand and a small bag in the other, she slowly walked towards the exit.

Laquisha had studied abroad for half a year, and her acting skill would definitely improve greatly. This time, she came back in a hurry because she received a new play.

Ryan arrived at the airport early in the morning, but he still didn't see her. He couldn't answer the phone on the plane, and his phone was powered off, so he didn't call her.

The airport was crowded with people. Ryan stood on tiptoe and looked at the exit. Not long after, a familiar figure approached with the flow of people.

No matter how long they had separated, in his heart, Laquisha was still so beautiful, sexy and charming.

Seeing that she came over step by step, Ryan felt a little sweet in his heart. He smiled from the bottom of his heart.

Ryan wondered whether was he falling love with her? Otherwise, how could she have such a feeling?

He walked quickly to her, took her suitcase and said with concern, "You must be tired after such a long flight."

Looking at him, Laquisha smiled and said, "Wow. Is this real you standing in front of me? We haven't seen each other for half a year. Why do you still know how to care about others?"

Her joke made Ryan feel embarrassed to lower his head.

His car sped along the way. The scenery outside the window was so beautiful that she was not in the mood to appreciate it. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment of silence.

The little Jeep passed through the downtown and passed through a commercial street. It stopped at the gate of the community where Laquisha lived. Ryan knew that she needed a rest because of the long trip.

He said to her, "Have a good bath and have a good sleep. See you tomorrow in the company."

lot of interesting things must have happened. The gossipy Laquisha was still as good as before, which was her strong point. It was a pity that

way of life. As long as they are happy, everything will be fine.

a very low-key way. She didn't tell the meida her agenda, nor did she entertain any guests. She came

doing things, which made the people in the company unable to understand her thought. They were all guessing what would happen next, and their hearts were full of

busy with filming, and so had Nora. It seemed that because of

slipped away beside them

things always went against her will. The more she tried to hide,

the company to look for Nora, and every time he had time, Nora would refuse him with

went out early to pick up Nora after he

security guard had been used to seeing Hal. He admired this young man in his heart. It was not terrible to be rejected,

He didn't notice that someone had been looking at him for a long time.

a lot of things had happened in the company, she couldn't figure out what was wrong with Hal when she returned to the office. Why did he come

door of Emily's office and exchanged a few simple greetings. Then she asked

not a woman who liked to play with right and wrong. She was not a

new in the company except

and went back to her office dejectedly.

a fit of anger. Ryan pushed the door open and came in. Seeing her pouting angrily, he thought she

you angry? Tell me, I'll

his words, Laquisha burst into laughter.

person in the security room. I can't remember what he is calling," Laquisha added.

walked to the window and looked down at

said to laquisha, "You mean that little eye Hal,

it's him. He looks

to know why Hal came here? What a shrewd woman she

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