Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 37 Go To The Southern

In the second ring of Beijing, there was a very quiet place, which was located in a three floor high-end villa district. The people living in it were either rich or powerful. Howard, the owner of the Sea Rise Group, lived in this community.

Because every villa was separated, like an independent courtyard.

The villa was located in the north and faced south. Each bedroom was bright in the north and south, and the sunshine was sufficient. The decoration inside was magnificent and luxurious, like a palace.

Every morning, Howard got up and went to the hospital to play Tai Chi. He took a breath of fresh air and exercised his body. He didn't go back to his room for dinner until the servants called him.

This day was no exception. Howard was playing Tai Chi, and Susie was sitting on a rattan chair next to him. Seeing her husband playing Tai Chi beside her all her life. What more could she ask for?

Howard and Howard had a son and a daughter, their son Hal and their daughter Jasmine. The family enjoyed the happiness of family reunion.

Hal was naughty when he was a child, and Jasmine was clever when she was a child.

When they were young, Susie had suffered a lot with Howard. The two of them worked together to train their children into talents. What's more, they had expanded their business and became the leader of Sea Rise Group today.

Over fifty years old, they were still like falling in love with each other yesterday. No matter how rich and rich they were now, Howard didn't forget his original intention and didn't abandon his wife.

However, the most troublesome thing for the couple was not Hal's leadership in the company, but his marriage. He was almost thirty years old and fooled around with women every day. If he really took over the company, he would lose sooner or later.

In fact, that was the past. Since he met Nora, Hal had completely changed.

It was hard to tell whether his change was good or bad for Sea Rise Group.

Howard and his wife wholeheartedly wanted to find a girlfriend for their son. They had to marry a girl from a family of equal social status with the Wang clan. The best way was to get married to a family business.

situation of her, it was impossible for her to marry Hal from the Wang Family. His parents had old concept of

would not admit defeat. No matter how difficult it was, he had to find a way to overcome it, and also to make his parents change

was Hal's wishful thinking, and Nora

called Howard and said, "President Howard, boss Luke in Hainan wants to terminate the contract

we have business to do all

"Luke said that we didn't show our sincerity and sent an assistant to discuss

Hal go there? Why did the assistant go? Howard asked in confusion.

assistant to go there for him. But his assistant was seen through by Luke

Hal solve the problem." Then he hung up the phone angrily.

Howard was really angry, Susie walked up to him and said, "Why are you so angry before the matter is

to see that woman again. We must find someone to find out the background of that woman, or else

was right for parents in the world regret that their offspring does not live up to their expectations, but sometimes their behavior was too

and drove home. When the butler heard the sound of the car, he immediately went out to open the door.

"President Howard is angry.

Hal saw his father sitting on the sofa with an angry face as if he wanted to

the assistant must have replaced him and been

worst, he wouldn't cooperate with that boss. The company was so big that he

many years with the two words of honesty. Now

afraid of losing a customer. It was about his principle of being a person. If a person did not trust him, who would

find back the clients you lost." This is to make

the opportunity to cooperate with Boss Luke, even if they lost ten or twenty more,

important thing for a person.

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