Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 36 How Dare You

He hasn't seen Nora for several days.

Hal was absent-minded while he was working in the company. Sitting on the sofa, he was not in the mood to pay attention to the important contracts submitted by his secretary.

Nora refused Hal to pick her up at the company. Confused, Hal has been to Daniel's Agency several times secretly. Every time Nora got off work, she would wait for the bus alone.

Hal also got the evidence that Nora had no boyfriend.

It turned out that Jasmine had already heard from Grace that Nora was single. At present, she didn't have a boyfriend, and they were in the same car shop, so it was easy to get in touch with each other. The two girls were a sales woman and a financial cashier.

The two became good friends. When Grace's boss fired her, Jasmine also persuaded her, but she didn't listen to her and left the car shop.

Hal couldn't figure out why Nora refused him all the time.

Love could make people lose their way, and Hal was not in the mood to deal with the company's affairs at all. His secretary urged him several times and arranged a time for him. He needed to meet two important clients in person.

Hal didn't listen to the secretary, and secretly sent his assistant to the meeting. The secretary thought that Hal went to meet his clients on time, so he called back the chairman.

Hal escaped and could go to see Nora.

He drove to Daniel's Agency and waited for Nora to get off work.

The security guard of the company recognized Hal and knew that he was here to pick up Nora, so he didn't stop him.

Waiting was the longest and most torturing thing. He felt that time passed so slowly.

Finally, it was time to get off work. People in the company came down one after another.

Several groups of people has passed, but Hal still couldn't see Nora. He was confused. Before he came, he had called her and told her that he would pick her up later.

in the office, Murphy and Nora. Murphy heard the

order to make Murphy give up on her, Nora agreed Hal to pick her up from work. Although this was not her real thought, it was the only

She had to find a chance to explain it clearly to him, or the misunderstanding would

not a good thing for anyone to

taking the opportunity to cause misunderstanding between

call from Hal. Seeing that Murphy didn't intend to get off work, she knew that he did it on purpose.

order to make Murphy give up on her, she had no choice but to do so. Since she has made up her mind, she stood up and said to him, "It's time to get off work. I'm leaving

go out, he felt

heartache is hard to

to let go. She could cut the mess quickly and maybe it could be painful for a

got into Hal's car. Seeing this from upstairs, Murphy's

what to do and couldn't

through the downtown to the suburb. He said that he would take Nora to a very special place, a

the west of Beijing City, an open space close to the suburbs. It

came from a small town, so she must have a different feeling for this kind of farmhouse.

has made great efforts for Nora.

gate of the courtyard was full of cars of various

must have something unique, or it wouldn't attract so many people.

off the car and walked into the courtyard one

to be a single room, but in

grandmother. The decoration of such a small

dishes were served. Some of them were unknown, but they were really delicious, beautiful, fragrant and appetizing.

with crab which was served later, was ordinary and almost

of her grandmother, her parents, and her home

home and had the taste of home. She was

"The restaurant had a new service project. Would you like

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