Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 35 Happiness Is Continuing

Looking at the series of expression on little Hugh's face, Murphy couldn't help laughing. He knew that little Hugh endured the bitterness of coffee. He didn't spit it out and drank it. What a brave child he was.

Nora rubbed her eyes and looked at everything in front of her. She couldn't believe that the neat freak, Murphy, would drink coffee in the same cup with little Hugh. It was unbelievable.

But all of this really happened and existed.

"Does the coffee taste bitter?" Murphy asked little Hugh.

Little Hugh answered, "It's a little bitter at the beginning. It won't be bitter after you drink it. The coffee is delicious."

My God!

Little Hugh could also drink bitter coffee. Thinking that her son might have some connection with Murphy in his life, Nora suddenly stopped all her imagination and forced herself not to think about it.

Murphy said to little Hugh, "Life is like coffee. It's bitter first and then sweet. You have to remember that only when you have a hard time will you become a better person."

Little Hugh nodded, not fully understanding what he meant.

In fact, it was difficult for a child of only three or four years old to understand these words, but Murphy didn't know why he talked so much today.

Maybe it was because he liked Nora too much! Love me, love my dog.

Looking at his watch, it was half past six. Murphy was about to stand up and go home. This time, he could send Nora back, and was allowed to go upstairs and have a seat at her home. That was enough, and he was satisfied.

Sometimes it was just a coincidence. Otherwise, how could it be? It was just a coincidence.

When Murphy was about to stand up and leave, the doorbell rang.

Nora thought something bad was going on. When Grace came back and let her see this scene, what would she think? That was also the reason why she didn't want Murphy to go upstairs.

In the end things will mend. What could she do?

ran to open the

memory, so he didn't know who

he would not come here.

seemed that he didn't know enough about Nora.

was surprised to see that Murphy was at home. Because Nora had told her that Murphy had lost his memory, so she came to her senses in an

stood up. After

other for a while and then sat down.


the corner of Murphy's clothes, "Don't let uncle go.

happened between the adults. He just wanted to have fun, because there was no guest

Hugh, but that she didn't want to see

the first time that Murphy had dinner at Nora's house. He felt

to go to bed. Get up early tomorrow

little Hugh to take a shower and then



back and have a good rest! Thank you for

which made me feel as warm as home, especially for little Hugh, who

didn't mind that Nora had a child

until he disappeared

while, she came to her senses and went upstairs.

taking a shower for little Hugh and lulling him to sleep, Grace waited for Nora upstairs. She wanted to find out what was going

upstairs, she saw that Grace was sitting in her bedroom and didn't leave. She knew

to chase her, send her dress, pick

that, Nora asked

Grace had many tricks up her

it was a difficult problem for Grace, a woman who had a blank mind about love.

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