Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 34 Happy Scene

No matter what Nora did, she had to follow her true thoughts.

No matter how time changed, what she had and experienced were real. They could be hidden, but it didn't mean that they could forget it.

The longer it took, the deeper it felt to be turned over again.

After getting along with each other day and night for so long, every time Nora faced Murphy, her heart was always full of struggle. She wanted to leave, but it was not easy to find a good job in Beijing.

If she was alone, when she knew that her boss was Murphy, she would leave resolutely and continue to find another job.

But with little Hugh, she couldn't afford to waste time. She needed a stable job.

She had buried her feelings three years ago deep in her heart and didn't want to touch them, because that was the pain of her whole life.

For many sleepless nights, she tossed and turned and couldn't fall asleep. The wound that had been dug out was still dripping blood. With tears in her eyes, she licked the wound that could not be healed at all. She woke up crying and then fell asleep again.

No one knew how much she loved Murphy. The stronger she pretended to be, the more fragile she was in her heart.

No one knew how sad she was when she faced him countless times every day.

Originally, she wanted to go on like this and the two of them would be fine. She would treat the past as a treasure and never mention it.

However, the more he didn't want it to happen, the earlier it would come. After such a long time of contact, he actually had a crush on her.

She was in a dilemma. She had too many things to worry about. It was really difficult for her to make a choice.

In the company, he took good care of her, no matter at work or life, He feared that she would feel wronged so that he always considered for her.

Seeing this, Nora thought in her heart that all the efforts of Murphy were enough to prove that his love for her was not illusory.

for the bus at the intersection. When Murphy passed by, he asked her to get in the car and the two went to pick up little Hugh

that he had been here with Nora

school, the children were already in a line, waiting for their parents, and some of them

the ground and shook his little head. He looked around, looking for

he was so happy,

took little Hugh's hand, walked to Nora and said, "He has been very obedient these days. He

little Hugh, "Go ahead! Go to find your mother. Let's go home

teacher's words, Murphy smiled so sweetly and happily, as if little Hugh was

that time, her heart

could she get over

Hugh to get on the car

in it. Little Hugh stayed quietly in his mother's arms, like a

at the gate of the community. The car stopped. At first, he intended to

to ask him to go home and have a rest, little

said that people should be polite. If someone helps you,

two adults laughed at the innocent

continued, "Mom, you should invite uncle

He was secretly happy in his

really knew what adults

was speechless for a moment. She didn't want to let him in because she was afraid that there would be misunderstanding. Her son would say that her mother was impolite. When she was considering

have some water before you

didn't want him to stay at his home for a long time. Of course, Murphy also knew that it was

two bedrooms and one living room. One room was for Grace,

"The sparrow is small all-sided." Just liked their house, although it was small, it was clean and

turned out that she had rented an apartment

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