Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 33 Being Scolded

After returning home, Hal went into his bedroom and fell asleep.

He was really tired these days. Hal graduated from a well-known university and took the postgraduate entrance exam. He was a real overseas returnee, who had made great contributions in his own group and was deeply loved by his family.

The marriage of children from a family business like Hal was pathetic. For the development of the family business, their parents would find other family business to marry them.

This meant that their marriage was doomed to be miserable.

Since Hal came back from his study, he had been yearning for the freedom of marriage and free love. He didn't want to be restricted by his parents, so he could decide his own marriage.

There were a lot of girls chasing him, and there were also many girls chasing him. It was a beautiful love, but in the end, it turned into the temptation of profit.

Most of the girls he met were material girls, and none of them was true love.

If he had loved one of them wholeheartedly, but in the end, he was hurt. He had been heartbroken and no longer believed that the so-called love was a lie.

The more he hoped, the more disappointed he would be. He was on the verge of breaking down.

Was her marriage destined to be allied with other family enterprises, and she also had to be the victim?

Gradually, he became more and more unruly and romantic.

Nobody knew that Hal was longing for freedom and being loved.

When Howard returned home with his wife, the Butler said, "Hal has already come back. He is sleeping in his room."

She didn't disturb him. Her parents all felt sorry for their children. They thought that he was too tired and wanted to sleep, so he didn't go to the hotel to visit those elders.

The second day, the sun rose so high. After the servants had prepared the breakfast, Lillian, Hal's mom, went to her room and called her son out for dinner.

was dragged out of bed by his mother and reluctantly went to the bathroom to wash up.

of them were having a good

to his father about his work in the past two months. Hearing this, Howard nodded repeatedly and praised him

eye. She was so fond of fancy cars that she chose to work in the garage. She didn't intend to work in her own company.

she would consider coming back to help him temporarily, but she would not stay in the company for a long time. She did not like the

end of the breakfast, Jasmine suddenly asked, "Brother, how

seemed to feel that she had said something wrong. She stood up and left, carrying her bag and

three of them in the dining room. Howard looked at them angrily and asked, "What happened? Didn't you go home to sleep? Why did you go to see

by his parents, he had to tell the

invited a few elders to introduce them to each other so that you can have

you make us unworried about you?" Do you know how much effort you have made to invite a few elders for this family feast? But you didn't even make a phone call and went to

let his parents

angry that his hands were trembling and he

between mother and son!

make such a mistake

work hard and manage the company well.

Hal felt

in this society, there was freedom

I hear any rumors about you again, you have to give me an explanation." He

nodded helplessly. After all, his parents

can refused what their parents did if they oppressed

young and impulsive to follow those stereotyped practices. Although Hal promised his parents not to

the gift he bought in Indonesia to Nora, he was driven back to sleep. Hal was a thoughtful man, and everyone in his family had

and servants all had gifts.

his parents,

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