Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 32 Being Perfunctory

She had always felt that God treated her well. Although she had suffered misfortune last time, God had sent her little Hugh.

With little Hugh, her life was full of sunshine and warmth.

She was satisfied with her best friend, Grace, who always accompanied with her.

How time flies! Hal hadn't seen Nora for more than two months. Thinking that he could go back soon, he was so excited that he wanted to jump up.

During this period of time, the Sea Rise Group had been listed in Indonesia. Hal had personally gone abroad to investigate the situation there. He had stayed there for more than two months.

Although he would call her every time he missed her, he was too busy with his work to talk to her for a short time.

The trip abroad was fruitful. The Sea Rise Group had a very famous name in Indonesia, creating convenience for the future trade between the two countries.

Hearing that Hal was going to come back, Nora was not happy at all. She felt that it had nothing to do with her.

Hal, on the other hand, had been ecstatic for quite a long time. As the saying goes, "Passionate people always have many regrets."

The plane landed slowly, and the people in the cabin came down one after another. From afar, Jasmine Wang saw her brother and shouted his name.

They hadn't seen each other for two months, so they were very happy, especially Jasmine, who danced like a child.

"How are dad and mom?" Said Hal.

Jasmine said naughtily, "Everything is fine. I just miss you. I want you to come back this time and bring a foreign daughter-in-law home." The two walked out of the airport jokingly.

Originally, they were in the hotel and prepared to welcome Hal. His father, Howard Wang, specially invited a few famous elders to come, but they didn't expect that Hal didn't come and went straight to the Daniel's Agency.

How impolite it was! Howard explained in a hurry, "You brat won't come. Let's have a good gathering today to ease the embarrassment."

young people have their own things.

really a sentimental man.

was too affectionate. He

joy, he came to the downstairs of the Daniel's Agency. Hal dialed the number of Nora, who

five or six times, but no one answered. Hal was worried about

by the guards. It was a false

went back to her office. She turned on her phone and found that many missed calls were from Hal. She thought there was

she called Hal, Murphy happened to pass by her. She heard it clearly that Hal had been downstairs

on Murphy's face. He was

to the window and opened it. She saw Hal alone in the open space downstairs of the

do, so she was going downstairs to

walked out of the office with his fists clenched, Murphy was

down, Hal was overjoyed.


Hal's s tired face, Nora asked casually, "When did you come

just got off the plane and came straight to see

months. The first thing he came back was not to go home, and three came to see her. It

but she

He was

You can't even

I was born. It's the same

laughter, as if they were not

long, so Hal went back. He said

drive away, a sense of inexplicable helplessness flashed through her heart. This man

Murphy sat on the sofa expressionlessly and fiddled with his mobile phone. Seeing that Nora came back, she stood up and sat on the chair. Then she turned on the computer and began to read.

her, he asked, "Have you thought about what I said to

a silly

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