Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 31 A Bit Of A Flop

Hearing the chirping birds outside, Nora woke up from her dream. At that moment, she looked like a beautiful mermaid.

She wanted to sleep a little longer and catch a taxi later. At this time, her mobile phone rang. It was from Murphy.

Murphy said with the soft voice, "Have you got up? Remember to wear that dress for today's press conference."

It suddenly occurred to Nora that the press conference would begin today.

She got up in a hurry, washed her face and rinsed her mouth. Then she opened the closet and took out the dress that Murphy bought. It seemed that the woman in front of the mirror was not herself. She was so beautiful that even she was a little jealous herself.

After tidying herself up, Nora went out to take a taxi, heading to the company.

When they were so far away, Murphy saw that Nora wearing her high heels and walked towards him.

She was dressed in a purple and pink dress, with a bun on her head and a crystal hairpin on it. She was really like a star coming out of the TV, which attracted Murphy's attention.

"You are so beautiful today." Murphy whispered in front of Nora.

Nora lowered her head in embarrassment.

The press conference was held as scheduled. At this time, Murphy was very popular. His handsome appearance and exquisite acting skills had been recognized by the society.

She had been preparing for this plan for almost a week. She was determined to achieve the result she wanted this time. Let's wait and see!

The party was full of people before it started. It was much more grand than last time. It seemed that the company had paid a lot to support him.

The fans held a banner in their hands, which read, "Murphy, we love you.". The signs holding in their hands were colorful and eye-catching.

No matter what questions the reporters asked, he could answer them calmly. His magnetic male voice attracted countless girls present.

for Murphy. He could give a humorous answer or avoid them kindly, which made the reporters flawless and welcome a

important person in this press conference and

we will always support you, and we

with shouts,

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stood up and asked, "Mr. Murphy, could you please tell me

skipped a beat. Why didn't she

said, "My personal emotional problem has been included in this year's goal. When the time is ripe, I will tell all of you

applause. This answer satisfied the fans' curiosity, and also gave the reporters the answer. Killing two

gave an approving look to him.

the specific release time of the new play, please pay more

demeanor, elegant speech, and most importantly, the appropriate response made him more popular, which was all

there were time for taking pictures

and asked to take a photo with Nora. She also politely cooperated with

less graceful than the current artists.

was full of reports about Murphy,

busy for more than half a month, was about to

crew of the new play, together with a song "Flying

another, leaving only a few

returned to

car with Nora and wanted to drive her

was still so strong that she couldn't

night wind blew, and Murphy was driving, humming

in the limelight, but he also knew that it was inseparable from the efforts of Nora. Looking at the little woman in front of him, he had

college, they went to see the meteor shower, skipped classes together,

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