Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 29 A Peculiar Confession

Hal was really a sentimental man.

In the following days, he would spare some time every day to visit Daniel's Agency.

As time went by, Murphy had been living a depressing life. He had sent his trusted subordinates to secretly investigate Hal, the rich guy of the Sea Rise Group.

Now, Nora was in a dilemma. One was the man she couldn't let go of, and the other was the man who was reluctant to leave her.

What should she do?

Cecilia told her that she could be with whoever made her happy.

There are many crossroads in life. It's like a choice question. It depends on how you choose, forward, backward, left or right. If you make a choice, don't regret it. Try not to leave any disappointment or regret in your life.

Murphy sent out his friends to inquire about the Sea Rise Group and told him everything. He opened his eyes wide after hearing that.

In any way, he couldn't be compared with Hal, because the gap between them was too big.

He had thought of giving up, but every time he saw Nora, he had a strange feeling in his heart. If she became someone else's girlfriend, he would definitely be heartbroken and couldn't bear it.

So he decided to tell her his feelings and express his love to her.

Now the only advantage of him was that Nora was his assistant. He had plenty of opportunities and time.

They got along with each other day and night. If they had a feeling, they would definitely get together.

To be honest, Nora had never thought about her personal emotional problems.

Nora came to the company early in the morning. She wanted to finish the rest of the work in a hurry, because she promised Grace to have dinner with her and Hugh.

Women at work were the most attractive. Sometimes, plans couldn't keep up with changes, and there were activities in the company tonight.

time she broke her promise to Grace, she felt bad, but it was not good for her

Work ranks

to play with little Hugh alone, and the child was willing to have his godmother accompany

with his godmother. Nora often told her son to be good

Hugh would try

the northeast to welcome them. All the assistants and other clients had

invited Nora to dance, but she refused with a

mood to have fun with them. There were still Grace and her son waiting for


performed best. She was really a woman with superb talent and

was in college, she was also a master of dancing. But now, she didn't want others to know too much

she showed off, the more interested others were in her. She didn't want them to gossip about her.

name. Whoever liked to show off,

end until eleven o'clock.

pitiful. It was a little cold in autumn night, shivering with

a luxury car stopped in front of her and

out of the car and looked

you come out. Hurry up. Are you a little cold?" As Hal spoke, he took off his clothes and

to pick up her. He didn't expect that the company would hold a party. He was

that, she didn't know what to say.

this was seen

did he talk so much


to find a way, or things would be more complicated.

at the gate

there were little Hugh and Grace at home.

told him, "Go back early and have a rest. It's getting

woman would not be easily caught up with. He had to take action

more confused about how

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