Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 22 In Hospital

Hearing a faint sound, Nora looked to the direction of the sound and saw that the face of Murphy turned pale. He put one hand on his stomach and the other on the table.

Nora rushed to him and wiped the sweat on his forehead with a tissue.

"Don't hold on. Go to see a doctor!" She said anxiously.

Then, she dialed 120.

As he was worried about his work, he asked Nora to find Ryan. At this time, Nora was anxious. She stared at him with her eyes wide open, without saying anything.

"Work or life is more important. How can you work well without a good health?" She couldn't help but scold him.

The ambulance soon arrived at the company's downstairs. Hearing the sound of the ambulance, everyone was guessing who was sick and the corridor was full of people.

The company was in a mess.

With the help of Nora, Murphy slowly walked out of the office. Because of the pain, his waist was bent down.

Seeing this, Ryan was shocked. How could it be Murphy? He quickly walked forward, grabbed the other arm of Murphy, and the three slowly walked to the ambulance.

The ambulance went through a special access and arrived at the hospital very soon.

At any time in that city, there were always the most people in the hospital. No one could guarantee that they would get sick if they ate grains.

Ryan asked Nora to sit down with Murphy and then ran to register an expert.

"The operation must be performed for acute gastroenteritis." The doctor ordered.

It was the doctor who had checked on Murphy last time.

Now the pain was too much for Murphy to say anything, and he had no strength to refute.

This time, he was obediently pushed into the operating room, which said that no one was allowed to enter.

and Nora were waiting anxiously on the bench outside the operating room.

managers of the company.

the company. She would take care of

left and said he would

Time passed.

back and forth. Nora couldn't sit down at all. The man lying inside was the man she had loved

words on it kept showing that he was in

in the operating room for more than an hour. Why hasn't he come out yet? It was not

lot of questions popped up in Nora's mind, but she denied them all

strong man. A small operation was nothing to him.

the most torturous thing. Every nerve of her was

to be safe and sound, but when something happened, she was the

a long time, her

door was

two nurses, followed by doctors, anesthesiology masters, and several

towards him.

successful and Murphy would be fine after staying

into the ward. After putting an infusion bottle on it, the nurse

closed, Murphy lay obediently on the bed. At this time, he

of medicine in the hospital,

the patients in the same room were talking about something. Although

end of the bed.

shone on her delicate face, like a perfect painting.

had been busy for him for a long time and was grateful to her.

feeling, but he didn't have the same feeling for any other woman? This feeling was wonderful

to do with her in his previous life? Every time he faced her, as long as he tried hard to think about something about her, his head would be as painful

more he wanted to

allowed to eat or drink anything in twenty four hours,

smile slightly. Unintentionally, she turned her head and

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