Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 21 Be Framed

For Murphy, shooting a movie should be dedicated, which was his job, but Emily was a new actress, who had never shot a kissing scene, so she felt very embarrassed.

Murphy told her not to be nervous and just follow him.

A couple in love was about to leave. The heroine was going back to school. The hero was reluctant to leave, but he couldn't go with her.

When they were going to separate, the two of them hugged each other and wept, and then kissed passionately.

The director called out the card for several times, but failed every time.

Front part of Emily's performance was really good, however, when it came to kissing, she couldn't control the dislocation.

Murphy told Emily, "You need to ignore everyone and imagine they don't exist. You can imagine yourself as a person in the play. With your own feeling, you can definitely make it."

Emily closed her eyes and took two deep breaths. She said, "I'm ready."

The director shouted, "Attention, lighters. Action!"

She was stuck again. "What's going on? Can you find a way to get through it?" The director said angrily, and everyone present was sweating.

Murphy thought that it was so stupid that she didn't know how to pretend to kiss.

Cecilia ran over to wipe the sweat on Emily'ss forehead and encouraged her, "Emily, don't be nervous. Come on, you are the best."

The breeze blew, and the two young people looked at each

the most critical moment, Murphy lowered his head and pressed

The director said, "Good."

kissing scene finally came to an end.

stunned. How could he do this? It seemed that he was quiet on the

felt very reluctant. This was my first

for him. Perhaps this was the spirit of sacrificing himself

Emily, he said,

choice but to answer, "Nothing." It was not embarrassing at

If he didn't help Emily, the director would be angry, and it was a small matter to

neither Nora nor Emily knew that.

kissing scene also caused a

bored, intentionally or unintentionally found Emily and joked with her, which made she feel

the mean woman, Laquisha, who didn't take her as the heroine and

with Emily. If she had nothing else to do, she would complain to the evildoer

future for the company to be so powerful.

to listen to his

Ryan promised to help

She would rather rely on herself than rely

went to deliver the documents, Emily was not in the room and put it on the table. Cecilia had something to deal with, so

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