Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 18 Playing Tricks

When Nora came out of the car shop, she didn't notice that Murphy was behind her. They entered the company one after another.

After spending some time with her, he saw that she was extremely a strong woman, not only decisive but also efficient.

Maybe it was because the fate was unfair, or maybe she didn't meet a good opportunity so that she needed to be stayed here and be an assistant.

In the company, she worked hard, no matter how hard she was working. Compared with the female employees who were gossiping and hanging out all day long, she was a hundred times better than them.

Other people dressed up and flattered the director with sweet words every day. They all wanted to get what they wanted with their beauty. It was hard to find a girl like Su Jingyan.

Every morning, the first thing that Nora came to the company was to clean up the office of Murphy, because she knew he was a neat freak.

The second thing was to wait for the arrival of Murphy, make him a cup of hot bitter coffee, and then started to do her own work, and arranged all the schedule step by step every day.

She was the personal assistant of him.

She had to know every details about his living habits.

The new play was about to begin, and everyone had to work hard for a while.

Before the new movie started, Nora didn't have too many tasks needed to be done.

"After work, you need to go to the NC shopping mall and pick some clothes for me," said Murphy, looking at her.

She listened to him and there was no room for negotiation. It was just an order! Alas! After all, he was the boss and she was just an assistant.

Murphy went to the underground garage to drive the car and let her wait there for a moment. She was stunned and said, "I'll call Agent Ryan down and go with us."

something which are

two of them drove to the gate of the NC shopping mall. Murphy found a parking space and Nora was waiting

shopping mall was specialize

meant that they had never been to NC shopping mall.

all beautiful and sweet. The waitresses here

she picked were especially suitable for him and also

shoes, and two large bags of things. Nora carried

front of her,

said, "He is really willing to let such a

then did Murphy notice that all the things

a little embarrassed. After all, he was a man. How could he be so ungraceful? It seemed that she had been used to taking care of

all the bags

Nora was tired and hungry. Her stomach was growling, but she was too embarrassed to buy something

hungry. He looked at Nora and said, "Let's find a place

a neat freak. He wouldn't eat at a roadside stall even if he was beaten to death. But now only the two of them

was afraid that if others recognized him, it would have

and Grace have eaten here. The food here tastes good and the price is affordable. The most important thing is that it is clean and

to the introduction of her. It seemed that this place was

down. The owner recommended

he had to eat.

rice. This was the most ordinary dinner. They

rubbed his eyes and confirmed

Nora and Murphy came out after dinner,

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