Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 16 A Disturbance

After what had happened last time, Ryan had a different opinion of Nora. No matter what, he shouldn't have encouraged Laquisha to join him to deal with her. 'Was it wrong for a woman to refuse him?' He thought in his deep mind.

Everything seemed to return to peace.

In the office, Murphy was sitting in front of the computer and looking through the opening dialogue of the new play. During this period of time, everyone was busy preparing for the shooting of the new play.

Today, Nora had put on a light make-up and applied a brick red lipstick. Her long eyelashes and big eyes were really a perfect match. This makeup was drawn by Grace.

"The auto shop I am work in now is recruiting some car models next week, and the payment is very high and generous."

She recommended Nora to have a try. She could take a part-time job and earn some extra money.

Grace continued to say, "The day of the show will last for an hour. After the show, you can leave. The rest of the work is for the sales." Nora promised to consider it.

If she wanted to be a car model, her figure and face were impeccable. Although she gave birth to a little Hugh, her figure was not out of shape at all. On the contrary, she looked like a mature woman.

However, it was truth that she didn't wear makeup, and she was not proficient in it. She thought natural beauty was the most important. If she couldn't make up herself well, it would be better not to make up, which was more unnatural.

In order to make her get used to it, Grace became her make-up artist for free! Of course, there must be a make-up artist in the company to hold the car show. This was an idea that was proposed by Grace to save time for her.

He raised his head and looked at her. The woman in front of him had a high nose, a small mouth and a delicate facial features. It was impossible to tell that she had become a mother.

and sensible. He had seen him before. She had been in the company for so long, but

did it have to do with him? But

explain it clearly,

at him. He was focused on watching the dialogue, and his mouth moved from time to time,

cup of coffee without sugar and sent it to him., She took the coffee over and was about to put it on the table, because looking at the computer, she thought that maybe his arm was sore,

table and on her own hands. Because the coffee was just

her burning hands, she picked up

hand and said,

cruel, but there was

a hurry, Nora tried to pull her hand out, but her hand was tightly gripped by him. She said and lowered her head coyly, "It's

her aside, opened the drawer with one hand to look for the medicine, and tightly held her arm and wrist with the other

melted. What she owed you in winter might be

things were changing subtly.

by the office of Murphy. When he happened to see this scene, his

had spent a lot of money to

his future to

ruined by women. Thinking of

was not only the matter between

his work in a hurry, he drove back to the company. He had to figure out the ins and outs of the matter. Now

today and asked her to give

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