Go After My Ex-wife

Go After My Ex-wife

Authors:Maia Martin
Num Chapters:1160
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Chapter 1160 Take Her Along With Him to the Underworld

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when is Go After My Ex-wife story going to be finished or even continued. It has stopped here for 2 years now 


Do you really have to ask? Being with a cruel person like you and the way you treated? 


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Raeleigh read the text and typed, "You're pushing it. I didn't offend you. I told you it was a misunderstanding."

Zorion received the text. He then got up and walked towards Raeleigh. He lowered his head to kiss her, making her tense up with fear. Her phone nTristany fell to the ground.

Zorion left her bedside and watched her. Raeleigh stared at him wide-eyed, as if she could not process what had just happened.

"Are you... insane? How could you do that to me?" Raeleigh muttered in a trembling voice. Deanna opened her eyes wide and turned around, looking at Zorion.

Scarlette was scared out of her wits. If Jepherson knew about this later, would he kill her?

Scarlette shifted in her bed. Raeleigh turned slowly to look at the two who were eavesdropping, then faced Zorion and raised her hands to hit him. Zorion gripped her hands and warned, "Don't do it again. If you don't listen to me, the outcome will only worsen. I can't control what I'll do. You should cooperate with me."

"Lunatic." Raeleigh pushed Zorion away forcefully, got up and went to the bathroom with her phone. She squatted down inside.

Zorion walked to the door of the washroom and waited for her. He knocked on the door and asked, "Are you not feeling well? I'm going in."

Zorion twisted the door lock. It was then that Scarlette turned on the light in the room. She rubbed her eyes as she got out of the bed and walked toward the bathroom, looking at Zorion there.  "Are you going to the bathroom, too?"

Zorion laughed out loud. "No, I'm waiting for Raeleigh. She's inside."

Scarlette's heart was pounding wildly in her chest. She did not even dare to look directly into Zorion's eyes. His eyes were even more terrifying than Jepherson's.

"Raeleigh is inside?" Scarlette looked back at Raeleigh's bed. Then she turned back and said, while looking at Zorion, "Raeleigh."

"I'm coming out." Raeleigh opened the door from the inside. Seeing Raeleigh walk out, Scarlette immediately rushed in and mumbled, "Me first."

The door closed, and Scarlette hurriedly patted her chest. It was too terrifying!

Raeleigh took a look at Zorion. It was obvious that he had already washed his face.

"It's getting late. Give me your phone." Zorion reached out. Raeleigh put the phone behind her and raised her head to stare at him. "I'm waiting for my grandmother's call. Don't be like this."

Zorion retracted his hand and said, "Rest Tristany."

Zorion went back to his bed to lie down. When Scarlette came out of the bathroom, Raeleigh was already lying down. Deanna was facing elsewhere, not daring to interrupt Zorion's pursuit of Raeleigh.

Even though it was a bit hard to understand, Deanna was still quite happy. After all, there was some progress.

Scarlette returned to her bed and lay down. "Raeleigh, my heartbeat is erratic. Do you think that there's a problem with my heart?"

Raeleigh had shut her eyes and was about to fall asleep. She pried her eyes open and turned to Scarlette. "Are you really not feeling well?"

Raeleigh was about to get up as she saw Scarlette nodding. Then, Scarlette added, "I'm just a little bit scared. Why don't you come over and sleep with me?"

Raeleigh sat up, got out of the bed, walked toward Scarlette's bed.

That time, Scarlette held onto Raeleigh's waist as they lay down. As they were both rather slim girls, the bed was enough to accommodate both of them. It was not a tight squeeze at all.

Raeleigh knew that Scarlette was helping her, so she turned to hug Scarlette. Scarlette placed her arms around Raeleigh, so Raeleigh was in her embrace. That way, no one would notice that she was texting on her phone.

Deanna sat up in a daze. She rubbed her eyes, turned back and looked at Zorion pitifully. "Zorion..."

Her tone was soft. It seemed that Deanna was very aggrieved.

Zorion looked at Deanna. "Yes?"

"Look at Scarlette. What is she doing? I also want to sleep with Raeleigh." Deanna was secretly sulking. It was unfair that Scarlette was able to hug Raeleigh to sleep. It should be Zorion instead!

Scarlette chimed in, "I'm scared I can't sleep."

"Go to sleep." Zorion got out of bed too. He tucked Deanna back in, covering her with the quilt. He patted her through the quilt. Deanna looked at her Zorion with sufferance. Zorion continued patting her and coaxed, "Go to sleep."

Deanna held Zorion's other hand and closed her eyes to sleep.

Scarlette let out a weak breath. God! Save her!

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Go After My Ex-wife

Go After My Ex-wife

1160 Chapters

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