I pushed Regina away from me and her a death glare. "What the fudge coconuts is wrong with you?! "

"Fudge coconuts? Seriously, Irish? " She laughed and I heard snickers from behind her, then I noticed her minions, Laurel and Mary. Pathetic fools.

"What the hell do you want from me?!"

"What I want from you is to stay away from Gabe! "She said with venom. You could practically see the smokes coming out of her ears and nose.

I snort. "You know pretty well that he is my boyfriend. " I smirked at her. "He doesn't want you, just give up, Reg." I smiled sheepishly at her.

"Stay away, Grey or.... " She was practically boiling more than an electric kettle.

"Or what,Reg?" I said daring her, with a evil smile on my face.

"Don't you call me Reg! And you will surely regret it if you don't stay away. "She flapped her fake hair and walked away with her minions. But not before glaring at me with hatred.

Just so cliche. Queen bitch wants the bad boy. Pathetic slut.


I had not spoken with Gabe since the time during lunch, not because of what Regina said. I will never listen to her, it was because of what he did in the cafeteria. It was not right for him to touch me or kiss me without my permission. I didn't even like it.

"Pumpkin." What does he want again?!

"Leave me alone, Gabe! "I didn't have to look back to know he was the one. I walked forward without looking back.

"Pumpkin!!!.... Iris??!!!" I quickened my steps and made my way towards the school's entrance. "Pumpkin please... "

I needed to play hard to get so he wouldn't think I am an easy girl and easy to please. I clicked on the remote of the car key and moved towards my car to get in. I felt a hand tug me back, and I came facing Gabe's gorgeous face.

Even when you are angry with him you still call his face gorgeous.

"Fuck off, Cahill. " I tried removing my hand from his grip. I meant tried. What was he made of? Steel? "Gabe, let go! "

"Pumpkin, I said I am sorry." He looked at me with pleading eyes, almost puppy dog face. He looked cute. "I am not cute! "He protested with a little scowl.

Damn I said

Sure did.

have forgiven him about what he did but like I said, let me play hard

out but with amusement in his eyes. Then

and winked

During gym, Iz suggested we

jeans paired with

home. It was almost three o'clock before I decide to leave for McDonald's. I walked downstairs doing my hair into French plaits, leaving a few strands of hair

face caught a piece of note lying on the kitchen Island like

with my triplets by six o'clock

the gang. I knew I had no choice than to participate. I walked out of the house and shut the door, only to find a sleek black Audi parked in my driveway. And a gorgeous, sexy guy I happen to be fake dating leaned

hell are you doing here, Gabe,?" I was really surprised he was there. I didn't expect him to

and I just shook my head as he looked like a child who

bad ass. Gabe was just dressed in a plain white T-shirt that clung to

"I fake snapped and

You have to ride with me, you have to forgive me, pumpkin.

look fat to you? " I wasn't even fat the slightest. I was neither fat nor skinny. Not like all those skinny

blondes that

decayed circumcised mushroom!" Fudge, I don't even know where I got that from. I was trying not to use swear words again, and now I was forming

heard Gabe chuckle. Jerk. "Son of a decayed circumcised mushroom, really? You are one of a kind, pumpkin. " He kissed me cheeks and they became the colour

cheeks and trying to get out of his grip, but he didn't even

I knew it, he had thrown me

or I will castrate you!"I threatened hitting his back with fists that didn't


and locked the door before going to the drivers

pumpkin. I am sorry, I wouldn't do it again. I can't have you not talking

you can't stay away from me for that

me with extra wide eyes as if I had peed on my self or

you actually serious about what you

glared at me. What did I do

all you want, pumpkin. You would be the one glaring next time. "He stopped the car and I just realized we

you forever. You are my cute potato. " I

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