"You can't tell me you don't know how to ride anything." Gabe said raising a brow.

It's lunch, we were talking about us having a motorcycle race and I said I couldn't ride one and I couldn't even ride a bicycle. I know it's absurd but I didn't take interest in learning how to ride a bicycle.

"I can teach you how to ride a motorbike." He said then he smirked moving closer so only I can hear. "I can also teach you how to ride something better, or someone better. " I gasped after he said that, causing my friends to look at both of us with confused looks.

I knew the meaning of what he meant and who he was talking about. It was now my time to smirk. "I rather ride a car seat than ride you, Gabe Cahill." I whispered, and it was his own time to gasp. I sent him an innocent smile and continued eating my spaghetti.

I heard him mumble some incoherent curses and glared at me. "You are such a heart breaker, pumpkin." He gasped again putting his hand over his chest.

I smiled innocently again. "I am just to beautiful aren't I? "I joked winking at him.

"Fuck pumpkin, your wink is fucking sexy." He moved closer to me and whispered. "You know, I can take you right here if you wink at me again. " He winked back and acted like nothing happened, eating his fries leaving me to stare wide eyed at him.

"Iris, what's wrong? " Nina asked concerned written on her face.

I shook my head."Nothing really. " I glanced at Gabe who was acting stupidly innocent. "Gabe is just being a horny idiot. "I mumbled but fortunately for me, please note the sarcasm, Gabe heard me.

His head snapped up immediately raising a brow and a stupid smug look playing on his face. "Horny? "He whispered. " You are my girlfriend, so I can be horny whenever and I can take you and eat you whenever. " He whispered with a wink.

I snort and shot him a glare. "You wish, and fake girlfriend. " I said whispering 'fake'.


groaned looking up at the warehouse where I have been training since I

sorry ass in there for me!" My mom ordered.

the warehouse. As I walked down to get into the locker room to change into sweatpants and a tank top, I saw two people fighting in the ring and some working out

learn how to fight today, Iris. " Ivy said as she stripped to her underwear. I raised a brow

I said as I wore the black sweatpants,black tank top, black and white bandana.

I looked at his body as his muscles clench and unclench, and he was sweating all

I liking Jace only

to start training. I moved towards the wardrobe and

her. "Ogling aren't you?

eye on someone already. " She turned red as a tomato and I pinched

is it? "I asked grinning from ear to

talk later but not now and not here. Damn, this place is already sweating

So sexy guys do smell bad. " I shook

when we are in the gym!" Both Iz and Jace said

Jace. " I teased

this work out got me all heated and distracted. " He said coming

scrunching my nose in disgust. "Go have

He smiled and walked towards the restroom with a towel hanging

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