Their Wednesday game night continues on this chapter.


"Don't spoil the fun, Iri. Just play with us. " Jabe whined pulling me towards loving room. I wasn't really in the mood of playing cards. "Fine! " I settled on the floor in between Gabe and Drake. Jace obviously didn't come, but Nate did. "What are we playing? " I took my own five cards.

"School!" Jabe squealed. Does he really have to act like a kid? He doesn't look like Gabe's twin to me. They are opposites.

"Bro, did you really have to act like a child? We know you are one." Gabe said smirking at his twin who sent him a glare in return.

People gave 'oohs ' and 'burns'. Why do people saw those now a days. I shrugged and patted Jabe's back, playfully comforting him. "He loves you, you know. " I smiled and he smiled back winking at me.

with me girlfriend! " Gabe playfully yelled snaking his hand

with the cards and Daniel (Gabe's elder brother) won. We were now playing music and dancing. I danced

dance with us. Are you lesbians? And Iris I am sure you are not cause you are dating my brother! "Daniel yelled over the music dragging Ivy to a corner, to get down

Well, when guys get needy even

blushed in embarrassment, I was only wearing a bum shorts and my back was pressed to his front. "Let's dance, pumpkin. " He breathed on my neck and leaned

wanted to dance, we don't need to

not gonna dance with with me in the old fashioned way. We are going

he affects me? Why am I even reacting this way? Why an I even affected by him? I groaned. "And I meant

No way! " I faced

and dirty and are dancing without body contact, wouldn't

Drake who

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