I could hear the foot steps getting closer to the kitchen and my heart was beating really fast. Why wasn't Gabe kissing me yet? Wait what?! Why do I want him to kiss me?

It's only for show, Irish. I tried convincing my self, unconsciously I moved my head closer a little and his lips brushed mine and I felt him smirk on my lips sending shivers down my spine,sending goosebumps to the roof of my skin.

Finally his lips settled on mine and I was about putting my hands around his neck when I heard a shriek coming from who? Obviously Jabe! That guy is a vibe killer. Our kiss didn't even last ten freaking seconds!!!!

"What the fuck Jabe?! " Gabe groaned irritatingly and glared at Jabe.

"What's got your boxers in a twist? "Scott said entering the kitchen. "Oh... "

"They were eating each others faces,you guys should really get a room! " Jabe said playfully cringing. He winked at me and smirked at Gabe.

"Jabe, I swear I will kill you! " Gabe started cleaning him self while others laughed at our food covered self.

"But you love me nevertheless." He smiled sheepishly stealing a cookie.

"Unfortunately. " Gabe mumbled walking away.

"I heard that!" Jabe shouted.

"You were meant to!" Gabe went to talk to Scott and Iz.

"Jabe, you weren't meant to eat anything yet! " I shot daggers at him has I spanked his hand away. "You are impossible."

"I love you too. " He said nonchalantly and winked at me. If I didn't know he was a carefree and friendly person, I would have thought he meant it in the romantic way.

and dress up, we will complete the baking. " Nina told me and went to the counter with Hailey and Ivy. I greeted the rest of our group and went

I heard Gabe's voice at the entrance of my door,and I was only in my lacy bra and

Gabe get

sure I look like the inside of a watermelon ? now. I wanted

there. Who knew you were this sexy. " This guy knows

boobs even when I was

my room. I did the only best thing, I ran into my bathroom

red all over already. Why was he affecting me this way? I unconsciously checked my ass in the mirror,turning to the side a bit. Why are you doing that? I shrugged,


Without looking up, I went into my walk-in closet and took a cropped top, bum shorts with a bra top and panties. I don't like wearing

was about dropping my towel to the floor when I saw Gabe already showered and dressed in Iz's cloth sitting on my bed with his legs crossed looking

looked up, he would have seen me butt naked!! "

mood anytime I am about to watch something interesting. Just remove the towel already and dress in front of me. " He wiggled his eyebrows

I hit my pillow on him and dragged him towards my door. "Don't you

whined tugging at the fold of my towel where my boobs were. My eyes widened and I hit his arm and pushed him outside shutting my door.

the wall in the hallway typing away on his phone. He looked up and smirked at

so awkward now if he had. We walked downstairs and saw that everyone were already on the couch waiting for

having a quickie, because I heard Irish scream twice. " Ivy said winking at me and I

didn't have a quickie. Gabe almost saw me dress and

no wonder my guy over here is

you guys haven't done the deed yet." Regina said and snorts. What the hell

cheeks playfully. " Don't be

that but I didn't really show it. I could see Gabe was shocked at my bold move but he didn't show it too. He pulled towards his laps making me sit

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