The look all of them gave us was priceless. I heard Regina snort while Tasha just snickered

Bitch. I thought she was warming up to me a little.

"Freaking awesome, but I don't get to have a chance with Irish. " He whined, that's Jabe for you.

"When did you guys start having feelings for each other?" Nina smiled at me.

"You guys will make a lovely couple " Nate cooed and winked at me, earning a playful glare from Gabe.

"Freaking two hot people getting together, hot couple I ship it! " Iz smirked at me.


"I totally ship"

"Are you fucking kidding me? "

It was only Jace that was looking at us without saying anything. Why wasn't he talking now?

Gabe smiled at me and moved his lips to behind my ear. "He is angry with me" He bites my ear and I giggled,a chill running down my spine.

"You guys should get a room and stop acting all lovey-dovey!" Jace snapped and it hurt, he was my best friend and I did nothing wrong.

Jace. Can't you be happy for me? " I snapped back and he raised

scoffed and glared at

You didn't even tell me you guys started dating?! I am your best friend,and have been since middle school,and I am meant to know first.

telling him as as a best friend,but it's still ridiculous. I noticed everyone on our table and some others in the cafeteria were watching us,some were even taking

don't even spend time with me again as you use to after Cahill came into the picture. You have always been

off. "Why are you walked off and mad about this? Is this only about our best friendship or something else? "

you even dating

"What? "I was confused.

he doesn't do relationship and he will hurt you. " Jace was still

true, you don't get to speak for me! "Gabe folded his palm into a

Jace" I referred to

and pointed at me with raw anger. "We are

begged but

have Gabe. Goodbye everyone" He said and left the table with tears falling down my cheeks. I felt someone hug me and rub

really affected? I have lost my best friend of since middle school, and I had

he really

and win

go talk to your bro, man" Daniel pats Nate's back as he stood. He gave me an apologetic


hot, handsome Cahill brother. Gabe just kept on sending me devilish grins and I wonder what

Gabe and I are in my house ,baking or more like me baking. Our

the annoying pretty face right in the living

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