I followed Gabe into the guest room and I looked down expecting him to talk about the kiss, maybe saying it was a mistake or it meant nothing to him. What he said now made me think I was right or not in a way though.

He clears his throat, but I didn't still look up. "Hum.... about yesterday Irish... " So he was calling me my full name now ? No nickname? Cut the crap Irish, it's not like you like the name and it's not like you want him to! Yeah right.

"Look, it was just a kiss, I don't want us to feel awkward around each other. We are starting the fake dating on Monday, do.... "

Then I looked up at him and saw him scratching the back of his neck. Was he nervous? No he couldn't. "I get it Gabe" I cut him off,but my voice came out a little bit harsh. "Sorry"

He raised a brow at me."And to burst your bubble, we will be doing more of it. This.. " He motioned towards his lips and mine.

I choked on my own spit. "What?!" Why do we have to do more of kissing!! "Cahill!!!!!"

"Calm down kitten! Keep your damn voice low. And yes, what type of boyfriend and girlfriend don't kiss, smoosh and act all lovey-dovey when they are together, uh? "

He had a point though, but I have to kiss Gabe every damn day. But his lips are soft and you get to get free hot great kiss every damn day.

Shut up, inner self!! I groaned, and I guess it was loud enough cause Gabe chuckled. "Look pumpkin, especially when when we are kissing in the hallway or around Jace, you have to put action to it and act like you are really into the kiss,okay?" He looked at me with his blue orbs penetrating into mine like he could see my soul and spirit.

"You can't tell anyone about this, okay? It's our little secret " He smirked putting his hand around my shoulder.

"Yes daddy " I smiled and then I realized the words came out wrong and I am sure Gabe will surely say something perverted.

"Damn! I know you will scream that when we are on it" He wiggled his eyebrows at me. Told ya....

"Perv." I hit his harm and we both walked back to the living room, and they all looked at us. Something is going to turn out not well, with the way they are looking at us with smirks and amusement.

"It's a shame bro, your stuff can only last for five minutes " Jabe said and they all laughed. Some said 'oohs' and 'burns'. "You are a quickie "

In nanoseconds, Gabe ran to Jabe and began wrestling playfully with him. "They couldn't have done anything, Gabe doesn't go for people like her! "Regina spat with venom in her voice and everyone raised a brow,glaring at her,surprisingly even Natasha and I.

Why are you raising a brow, isn't it true?

mind! Of course

you, then he is a big bitch. No offense, Gabe" Drake said

at me. "Whatever! Don't come crying on my feet when he hurts

we were saying, there is a party on Wednesday at......


butt! "I spanked his arm and he flinched,but

Monday and we are at the hallway, me bringing my bag out of my locker and Gabe disturbing the

had started the fake dating, but we hadn't told our friends we are dating, but we are waiting till lunch which is a class lesson

me right here" He said putting his hand across his

stop. It's getting uncomfortable, even if you were actually my

hands in surrender mocking me. "Yeah, your majesty.

hand on my shoulder. "Maths, here we come. " I

happened in other classes, the whole class looked at us. It's just cliché, the Bad boy and the Nerd,

am trying to make him jealous and win him. But how are

babe" I heard Gabe call. "Any one home? " he snapped

in front of the

bit too loud

who else? " I giggled. I

kissed my forehead before we

and said smiling at my best friend. Now that I thought of it, Jace

pumpkin " He smiled back his dimples popping in. "We need to catch up for these past days we haven't been together, as in you know, as best friends " He chewed on his lips

I smiled thinking of

want to spend time with her" Gabe whined putting his hand around my

best friend right here douche.

is the only one

friend,not you" He pointed angrily at Gabe. But Gabe never let's the other be the one to

what he wanted

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