I saw who I didn't wanna see.. The bronze hair, deep blue eyes guy.

"Like what you see?" His voice was very husky though.

I scoffed. "You wish." I tilted my head to get a better look at him." What do you want, denim jacket? "

" I just entered the house and I came over to the counter to get a drink, and I met you here, and I was thinking that we hadn't really introduced each other...anyway, so miss hoodie and sweatpants could actually dress this good and look sexy. Who knew you had those curves?"

God, this guy was flirting and I had just met him today. I didn't even really know him. "New boy. What are you driving at?" I glared at him. He is turning to seem like an asshole.

Instead of glaring back, he grinned, letting his dimples pop in." I am not driving at anything. Do you see me driving my car?"

I faked a laugh."Very funny. "

"So your name is?" He suddenly asked after a pregnant silence.

"Why do you think I will tell you?" I grabbed a cup of coke.

"Because I am hot, and no girl resists me." Arrogant idiot.

"Cocky much. Your ego is as big as the size of this country." I sipped a little coke. "What if there is this girl that is not just one of those fan girls of yours that can't resist you?"

He chuckled. "Speaking of the girl. It's you, right?"

"One and only." I smirked.

"Pumpkin, just tell me your name." He grabbed my coke from my hand and took a gulp.

"What the......."

"Irish!!!" I heard someone call. That sounds like the voice of my triplet. Its your sister, you idiot.

I forgot about my sister, the whole day, and my brother too. Well....tada!! We are triplets, but opposite.

Especially I and my sister. She likes wearing tight clothes,she wears heavy, but not to heavy make up. Just like Nina, she goes to every damn party, and she is a bad ass. She has had numerous boyfriends, or let me put it has sex buddies. The only similarities between us is that we both love or more like crave chocolate ice cream and strawberry sundae, and we look too much alike physically, or more like facially. Well, because she has fuller boobs than me, and she is more curvy than I too. But I have a bigger ass than her. I noticed that when we had a shower last year at a camp.

But I don't flaunt it like she does. People do always think and ask if I and my sister were related. If not for the facial resemblance, they would have thought I was adopted. Stupid bunch of idiots.

My brother is also badass, but the cool type. I guess badass runs in my families blood, except mine.

My parents go for parties a lot, my mom loves makeup and tight dresses too. My dad, even as a business man used to wear T-shirts with pencil jeans and sneakers, or converse. It was in the past. A tear ran down my cheeks.

My brother looks like me too, he plays soccer and we have a lot of similarities........

"Earth to Irish!!!"

I turned to look at my sister after coming out of my trance.


badass twin." I

I sounded jealous. Maybe I was,a little, cause she always got the attention


He turned to look at me, ignoring

a lot of trouble, I tell

have you seen Iz?" Ivy cut in

at least see his jet black hair,( just like mine) even when it was hard to see that in this dim lights."No idea,Squirrel. " Only I was allowed to call her

right at the end of the the room." She

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that." I said with my voice low. Am sure

too." He sent me a boyish grin. I blushed fully looking away.

damn blushing" I could feel the smile in his

brother and dad. Ivy kinda knows it, she has kinda seen know. But she doesn't wanna admit." Wait, did

People don't acknowledge that.

why would they think

I shook my head."I....."

its coming from a guy like me, Rish, you are hot. Dammit.

smiled a

That's what I will be

finished my coke with a gulp and dropped

I will call you Rilly then." He

what's yours? " I was eager to know his name. I didn't even realise I was holding his arm until his

"Eager much?" He smiled.

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Feisty. Did I tell you I

"I punched him playfully. "Speak


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my sister?"

to Gabe, bringing out my tongue, mocking him. He only returned a playful

hanging out." He shrugged. "So she is your sister.

is Gabe Cahill." I smiled while Gabe groaned." Gotcha!


meet my gaze, cause he knew I will mock him with

before looking back at Gabe."SJ

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He looked more handsome. He is my brother, and I

" Gabe gave my hand a squeeze before leaving with

Jace was making out with one red headed. I couldn't take this anymore, I grabbed

I still liked him. Foolish, Irish, foolish. I keep reminding my self that, but

the harsh taste. My hurt wasn't quenched yet, I grabbed another

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